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  • oh don't worry, you're not being pushy at all. That's actually what I wanted to write you about. The other day I was in the mood for new music, so I listened to 'Teen Dream'. My first thought was 'oh good it's like Neil Hannon meets MGMT' but then and realised it was even better. Beautiful, I fell in love with the album. It gave me this funny feeling...I suddenly felt an urge to grab my coat and go walking in the rain. That's silly, I know, but that's an effect it had on me.
    Hi! Are you reading my thoughts? I was just about to write to you.
    I'm fine (well could've been better actually), thanks. You?
    Yes, same here but then again I'm not too smitten with The Vaselines. It should be good because B&S albums usually are. By the sounds of it, from Twitter sources, there are lots of brass instruments being put on.
    Lordy'oh, never in my life had i heard of that 'Glasgow band', but i will remember the name, so that the next time my mate and i enter a 'name scottish bands' competition... i'll have an extra title up my sleeve!!

    Much appreciated Mr Charlie!!

    Wendy x
    No, I haven't. I shall check it out when I have more time. I'll let you know about my impressions.
    I'd like to visit Norway for some reason.
    Ah no, I don't, I'm a bit too lazy for that.. but I see you do, and at first glance it seems you've got unusual and diverse taste in music. I shall explore your library more thoroughly if you don't mind, as I'm in search of something new and different to listen to.
    Sweden! You've actually given me a great idea for my vacation. I've never been there shamefully, though it's not that far.
    Well some people like pretending to be great writers and commentators. Comments like this are rubbish - nothing new and interesting. It's a language abuse. I appreciate it a lot more when a person sincerely says that he/she likes/doesn't like the song/whatever.
    Verbal diarrhea is a very accurate definition.
    Both the interview and the song are on YouTube now, I suppose. It's a simple but very elegant song. Love it.
    World's big, innit? If I made you guess where I am, it'd take you a long time. I'm from the glorious country of Lithuania, whose 10% of the population (maybe even more) are now residing in the UK.
    Oh, 'Silence'! Stunning. I haven't actually seen that (so thanks for the link!), though I've heard it - an mp3 of this particular performance incidentally made its way to my iPod. I must say 'White Chalk" isn't my favourite album of Polly's, but 'Silence', 'The Piano' and 'When Under Ether' are beautiful beautiful songs. And I love that white dress.
    Have you heard 'Let England Shake' by the way?
    A great number of dead men are waaay better that all the alive-and-well ones that are on MTV everyday. I don't mind dead men.
    What comes to Nick Drake with all respect I shall say no. I like falling asleep to 'Hazey Jane' or 'River Man' though.
    Haha, now I've got her 'Legs' (sadly, not 'feet'!) sounding in my head.
    A friend of mine says he always feels totally drunk after listening to PJ.
    funny?.. oh, will I sound weird if I mention Syd Barrett?
    I totally agree.
    Toenails? Dunno. Maybe she just sat down to scratch her foot.. or she could be removing a splinter.
    Yes! Me too, I've got 'Dance Hall at Louise Point' on repeat for 3 days now, my head's about to explode.
    Nice to meet you too. Oh yeah, I've seen it. 'Un homme et une femme' is a great film, n'est-ce pas? and I think I liked the song..
    I listened to the new LCD Soundsystem album. It's pretty much like Bowie meets Iggy shaking hands with Byrne humping Morrissey. It's good ... But it's a grower.

    Ta'ta, love.
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