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  • I just paid you a visit on :) Doing well, thank you very kindly. And yerself, er, always told myself I wouldn't do English-speak.
    Hey there,

    I've been searching for "You Me And The Alarm Clock" by Johnny Dangerously endlessly, as I have been a huge I Am Kloot fan since the debut album, but to no avail. I was crushed when I saw your link to the vinyl rip had expired. Would there be any way for you to re-upload that vinyl rip? You'd make a Kloot/Bramwell fan very, very, happy!

    Anyways, hope you can help, and thanks for your time,
    Stuck my foot in my mouth since I'm not sure what you do for the NHS--I meant in terms of workload. Does seem the hype over the flu is winding down though, here anyway. Alrighty then!
    Nice words from Terence indeed. OR, perhaps it's because you've got the Laundry Life album! I'ts taken days just for 2 acknowledgments from Fractiondiscs and I still haven't been given an amount. It's KILLING me.
    The swine flu hasn't impacted you at work has it? At any rate, keep safe.
    That's a tiny venue! I saw the blessed Beckett's "Waiting for Godot" there a lifetime ago. Will try and haul me hoary arse up there for April tirty, bejaysus )
    I'm ok. Having a glass or two of vino afore me scratcher beckons.
    Still in the same employment place? I am ,anyhow!
    Twee?? Mee?
    Will check out the venue and date for CO. At my age, I have to ration such fripperies...

    How are thee, lad?
    Thank you, thank you. You've just helped complete my collection (er, in mp3 form--I've got to get at least one vinyl from them). *dances with joy*
    I can't wait for the new album.
    Hi Charlie, I don't thank you right away for your offer and now I sheepishly pop in to ask for some tracks...Do you have any of the Your Sound tracks? Hope you survived the snowstorm!
    thank you sir! charlie i have a question,are you on last fm,and have i been friends with you for months on last fm and did not know it?i have only just realized i have seen this profile pic before,and it was on last fm with the person who best fits my musical taste on my friend's list..hahaha
    I listen to otter pop radio at work and what do I hear today? Days! (Downhill) A week ago I wouldn't have known who they were, but I might have made a note on them (as embarrassingly (or not!), I take my find-new-(or old)-music-mode seriously.
    Thanks much, I read your thread last night. I hadn't notice my messages. Those notifications are too small. It just now caught my eye. Thanks, never heard of them. But your taste is spot on, as always. :)
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