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  • lol, gimps a bit harsh. Your probably sleep deprived. You have been into him longer than me. I was quite late. It was you are the quarry and seeing him at Glasto that did it for me. Then i was hooked good and proper. Always like to think i always loved him, subconsciously. Just took me a while to realise it. I always was slow to catch on lol. Do you not work with any other moz fans? x
    ha ha lol. You just sound like everyone i work with. Thats working for the nhs for ya. Feel free to rant and rave anytime, im used to it!
    I do 5 short days and 2 days off. Just unlucky im on a 10 day stretch. Cause im off next weekend. What was so interesting in 1991? lol Listen to me, im talking shop now too. Anyway, i love Moz (just to get off topic) x
    Indeed we do. I take it your mr trashcan sinatra? If not, i have left a message which will make no sense on mr trashcan sinatras page! lol
    3 down, 7 to go for me. There is light at the end of the tunnel x
    I saw them on that tour, Bridlington i think. Saw them headline nme stage at Leeds last year. They were fantastic! Took me back to the first time i saw them. Latest album is best for a long time, definitely. Do you use I just discovered it. Its ace! x
    Yes i remember that performance. Might be more cause it was vic and bob though, lol.
    I just love that album; pcp, if white america told the truth and she is suffering are faves!x
    Dont mention targets! lol Yeah i have the new album. Not listened to it much, but what ive heard sounds good. More like the old stuff, which it would cause their Richeys lyrics.
    Holy Bible is my fave. Faster my fave song. More a fan of the old stuff. I just blast out moz/smiths on a sunny day! x
    Me too! Hence im still on here. Got up at 3 this aft. I hate getting over nights. Will probably sleep till lunch tomorrow. Then i will have wasted my 2 days off! Working shifts is great.
    Our reception staff do a sterling job, and take a lot of shit. Its all about the team work.
    Leeds will be way bigger than us. I work at royal lancaster infirmary. x
    lol no need to apologise. Its that kinda job. We need an outlet to vent our anger, otherwise we'd go insane! Listening to Moz helps me cope lol. We really do see the lowest forms of society in A/E. And yes, most are extremely stupid. Unfortunately, its these ones who kick off and expect us to wait on em hand and foot.
    Thats my rant over lol. Which hospital do you work in?
    Went okay for the most part. Saturday night was probably worst shift i have ever worked, due to sheer volume of resus patients. But i survived it and have received compliments on how i dealt with it all. Which is nice!
    How were yours? I find nights unearth those patients who seem to represent the very dregs of society. Namely, knobheads!! x
    ha ha im the same. No one I work with has decent taste in music. I get the piss taken over my love of moz (the tattoo still gets a laugh, 2 years later) lol. Doesnt phase me anymore. Just get bored with the "he's so miserable" response.
    Cool you saw Richey. My sis is obsessed. Met Nicky and Sean after a gig and got autographs. She was gutted that James had buggered off lol x
    Im 31, so not far behind you! Seen manics a few times, incl last year. Nicky was still at it with his scissor kicks and obligatory feather boa. I still have mine lying around somewhere lol
    Least I can see I met the manics. Not managed it with Moz yet!
    Im not that senior, so no need to be careful ;) Been a sister for 2 whole months, so im bricking it this weekend! Having nightmares bout major incidents lol
    You have my sympathies. Im on nights this weekend. My first in charge as a sister!
    Manics were my first love. Surprise the tshirt still fits LOL
    I doth my cap to thee. All of us working in A&E work bloody hard and get some serious grief off absolute knobheads! LOL
    And before I forget, I finally heard back from Fraction Discs, they'd been holding on to my order. It's finally sorted (Renee had forgotten to send me an invoice). Anyway, should make it's way to me soon, woo-hoo! So yes, I'm really doing well. Ah simple pleasures. x
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