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    1. Charlie Cheswick
      Charlie Cheswick
      Definitely! It's not right but what can you do? To my mind, anyone who spreads rumours about unproven sex offences by anyone is a wrong 'un. A sex offence is one of the lowest things that you can do and false accusations should be treated with contempt not spread.

      If David gave a damn he'd clean this place up though but it's clear that he long since stopped being a fan.


    2. keene
      keene looks like david t. is violating his own standards of Member Conduct.

      If you go down the page lower right hand corner and click on Terms of Service.....Go to Member Conduct.

      Look at number one....david t. is obviously violating his OWN standards of conduct by uploading and posting this article about pedophile links.

      He was wrong to do it by his OWN guidelines.
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