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    Morrissey rumored for Firefly Festival (Delaware, June 18-21, 2015)

    First time I've seen him with Scoopy-scoopy dog-dog on a bill.
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    Morrissey 30 seconds with Wink - forthcoming interview in issue 8

    Put your tongue away or I'll staple it to your gums.
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    Should the article about Morrissey's links to pedophiles be removed?The one approved by david tseng

    Re: PLEASE DO NOT MOVE THIS THREAD. Actions have consequences. What will be fallout from pedo thread
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    Morrissey statement / Lisbon, Portugal booked (Oct. 6)

    Morrissey appears to take great delight in praising enemy countries of the UK just to provoke a media storm. Argentina - Falklands/Malvinas Israel - Occupied Palestine/human rights violations Italy - World War 2 foes/Joe Dolce Poland - Taking all our builders' jobs Romania - Taking all our...
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    Morrissey release party in Frankfurt (Aug. 2, 2014)

    What's that, day release from prison?
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    Morrissey Self-Portrait (2007)

    What the heck is that? A testicle with dirty feet?
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    "Your Arsenal" (remastered) debuts at #49 in UK album charts

    Spelling has never been Celibate's strongpoint. Actually, what is your strongpoint, Celibate? All you ever seem to do is spill out inane misspelt garbled garbage.
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    TTY - Manchester Evening News

    Oh, you've done it now. Moz's crack team of lawyers are tracking your IP as I type. Best flee to Bolivia if I were you.
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