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  • hi ceci,
    i hope the earthquake hasnt affect your life or your loved ones!
    greets to you and many positive thoughts over to you!
    I know its just TOO painful,
    im joining the tour on wednesday, and i CANT WAIT, ive got a very good chance of meeting him outside of a gig this time round, *eek!* I gotta make sure i resist the urge to get him to sign my body, because if that happens i WILL get it tattooed ,but i hate tattoos (and the boyf'd divorce me!). oh the DILEMMA!!
    Im taking my 'you are too frinky' sign so watch and listen out for reports of him asking someone what their sign means.. (aka me!!) i sure will tell or show him!! lol
    I was gonna post some frink for you, but dont think i could surpass the last few pages.
    Hi ceci,
    I really hope you do get to see Morrissey this new year.
    I'll see him in Galway which is in the west of Ireland, in April. Counting the days already!
    Start organising your trip to wherever as soon as possible!
    Oooohhh Sistasheila!!! My God!!! You've read about my future! hahaha, but certainly not my past... I positively know I'm meeting Morrissey many times, but not yet, hehehe... So far, only in my wildest night dreams ;) Merry Xmas and a wonderful 2009! Ceci :)
    well that's really sad*tears*
    i also saw your posts..but never get in contact..
    i would have show so much things here..it's a pitty..really..
    Maybe i will come to santiago anytime...or we will see us on a moz concert..;)
    do you liked cologne??
    Our cathedral is beautiful..isn't it?

    Well, i can't wait to see the final..so it'll be spain..it's a 50/50 chance..but i saw an interview after the match of spain..it was jogi in front of the team hotel..and he explained that they're really hot and want to play..everybody is fit..everybody will give more than 100%..with full concentration!!..like against portugal..he said that they're all very relaxed..and just want to win..nothing else matters!!! He was in good condition and happy about the result..it was his team of desire..so we will see;)...aww..please time go by *'rolleyes*..

    xoxo miry
    Oh Myriam!!! I was in Cologne just a month ago!!! Had I known you were there we would have met!!! I always saw your posts, but never paid attention at the fact that you were living there... What a pity! :( Greetings and love from Santiago!! Let's celebrate on Sunday the championship!! :D
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