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    Post Whatever You Are Thinking At This Very Moment

    I can't believe I remembered my login information. :eek:
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    Should Scarlet Ibis be banned?

    They are, thanks very much! I hope all is well with you as well. :)
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    Should Scarlet Ibis be banned?

    Me either, but maybe there was some other reason that we don't know about. Oh and hi HIM. :)
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    Hello! I'd reccomend that you'd look into the whole "Reise, Reise" album and the "Sehnsucht" album.
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    Movie/TV scenes that make you cry

    We had this old thread: but it's archived now. For me, as far as TV shows go, this scene from Smallville is one of the saddest things I have ever seen: The saddes movie I have ever seen in my life is without...
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    Should Morrissey and Lady GaGa duet?

    f*** yes! They should do "Jolene".
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    Should Scarlet Ibis be banned?

    Kyle's ban was pretty epic. He started off an average poster, getting into disagreements every now and then but for the most part just contributing to the forums. Then he erupted into a fit of inexplicable and indiscriminate fury.
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    Morrissey so slow

    Exactly! I also try to avoid things I know will annoy me or I won't like--for example, I almost never go into General Discussion because it seems there is always some sort of pissing contest. Also, if a certain member's posts annoy me, then I try to find posts of theirs that I do agree with them...
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    Morrissey so slow

    I agree. I come here often now because due to me being sick I'm stuck at home quite a bit, and after I cook and clean and all of those lovely domestic things there isn't much to do, and I'd rather talk to people than sit at home bored all day. I think all in all Solo is a nice place. I've been...
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    US $2 Note?

    I've got one around here somewhere.
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    Poll: Who will be banned next?

    What happened?
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