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  • Dean, what is it with you and gay men? :p interesting enuff, X2 was on at the weekend on brit telly; as you fancy NightCrawler, I was thinking, Kurt was played by a gay chap/actor in that film ;) I think there is a link somewhere. **rubs Chin*** how are you doin' :)
    I a sure it's you who owes me ONE!!!! Though, my record at this is FAR worse than yours..:) Maybe you could re-send it. But i am posotive i did..:) Big smacks for you.....:)

    I like singing too. I reckon i should have been a singer but sloth and smoking got in the way of my angelic voice. I like to sing along to Moz though, though high things are a little!

    How are you doing my dear?

    Ally, xxxxx
    No. I am sure you didn't tell me! Though i accept that my memory is not the best at times. What an admission!!!...:)

    Singing too? That's always a good sign. I like to tickle the tonsils myself every now and then. It's fun and free..:)
    Oh right. And why didn't you tell me this? Some kind of enqiury should be!

    I think the different environment must be helping, especially if the difference is so obvious. What are the chances of you getting a move soon?
    Where have you been? It's really good if you've got some kip over the last few days. It really makes such a difference.

    My day has been okay, pretty dull and wet but i have had worse..:)

    Well done hun. I hope this will start a new explosion of decent sleep patterns. You'll feel much better if you do.

    Two hours is what it takes me too. I think it's only worse because you haven't slept and it's always difficult to time your response to their good mornings. If you reply too soon a conversation can accidently strike-up, and that's fatal! You can end up discussing fossils and being brought closer to potential!

    I think they go to bed early as well, which i've never really done unless it's absolutely necessary. It seems that i'll never learn...:) Great Moz song, haven't heard it in ages..:)

    Lots of love, Ally...xxxx
    Did you get some sleep? I was planning to stay awake for the whole day because i got home at 12:30pm. It lasted about half an hour..:) But i missed The Simpsons..:(

    I was careful and survived. It's quite a shock to see joggers and dog walkers proudly announcing 'Good Morning' to the walking me..:) Which you guessed anyway. Terrible writing..:)

    Haven't these people heard of bed!!!

    Love, Ally...xxxxxx
    Spot on my dear...:)

    It was a fun night out. and i met another old friend from college whom i haven't seen since july.

    I'll be away soon hun. Have great rest of your day and speak soon..

    Lots of love, Alasdair...xxxxxx
    It took me ages to work out what bewbs meant!!!! I had to imagine you in your native tongue...:)

    I am just drunk and smoke too much but i am feeling okay...:) I have a FIVE mile walk ahead of me,,:(
    After all the warnings i have given you about 'Palefaces' and 'sunshine',,,!!!!!

    What are you up to hun?
    I am at Jons, There are four of is and they are boring the arse off me...:)

    Don't tell me that i'm second best to a pair of shoes?..:)
    Well, it'll be good for you. It sounds like your dream gig...! Just go mental..:)

    Can't really guarantee that. If you had bite marks that you couldn't hide then you could get a seat all to yourself on the bus or train? Didn't consider that benefit did you?!

    I reckon people who don't sleep properly are pretty grumpy, though you may be so used to it by now and you've got beyond that piont.

    I don't freckle, i do burn. I just look weird with a tan...:)
    October!! It'll fly in though, it only seems a long way away now. But it will be here before you know it.

    That's the rules of the Dungeon! I wouldn't take you to court or anything because it's likely that you would have a few marks of your own...:)

    Sleep deprivation isn't good. I always feel more grumpy when i have it. The guys at work leave me alone till about 11am, that's when i officially waken up..:)

    Well, i wont go mad with the sun. When you're as pale as me you tend to be careful..:)

    Ally, xxxx
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