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  • hey hun. I have computer access again. So i will be able to reply soon. The computer is taking ages but i will reply. I have settled in now and feel reasonably happy. I hope you are doing well?

    generally being rubbish like!!!! Not getting her work done by the deadlines. daydreaming listening to her ipod and acting like a 14 yr old boy when being spoken to :D
    Thanks hun, I can't stop singing Freaky Rainbow Room! :D :sweet:
    Hope you are doing good and the job is going well. Happy weekend :) xo
    Hello :)
    I watched Natural Born Killers and Iron Man in the same day...and wanted to tell you that I finally totally and utterly understand where you're coming from :D
    oh i then i could finally...see it & i reminded me of that league of Extraordinary Gentlemen....and that was bloody awful!

    I quickly come and go,i must say.
    so he gets the bus...that must be a bummer at least he can change buses quickly thou.

    OHHHoooooooo OOOOO you are rude:o
    i need (or rather want a new watch) but not her one, the one out of moonraker or what ever film, the one with the laser would do nicely.

    i saw Star is great:)
    told yer so :p Best bit of the whole film. yes, now you do :p well i didn't really remember if it did thou.

    yes he scubs up rather well, doesn't he?

    how many would that be?
    Honey i get kicked off here in 2 mins.

    Have a great weekend and all that..:)

    Love, Me...xxxx
    OH yeah, sorry...i get confused. Its my age:p he had a tail in the film :confused: i've seen him teleport that quickly. I've seen whack out some Hellfire club guards in some early X men stories, where Jean turns into the Dark Phoenix. But in that film, he was under stryker's control, so maybe that's why***good grief i am such a nerd***
    he is rather great, isn't he :o (man crush :p)
    well good luck x:)
    Yes, that is right....James Bond would never have a gay man playing him as he is all man! But wait that sounds a bit gay:p
    I think they didn't him to look like the Beast, who was blue as well as Mystic or what ever her name is, Mystique (google is my friend). what was wrong with teleport? I think the attack on the whitehouse is best part of the film. The hugh playing me?:p we kind of wish @ blaze Mansions that we had kept out pennies for star trek and waited for Wolverine when it is on DVD. Hugh looks buff init thou. So you've got some eyecandy, if nothing else!

    ***fingers crossed*** (its hard to type now :o)

    we are fine and dandy :)
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