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    I am in your profile trolling your pages
    Hey Buzz, I appreciate your words of encouragement about Theo. I do ignore him for the most part, but the things he said this morning just struck a nerve in it a reality check, if you will. I have been overly obsessive with solo, but the last two years have been pretty low for me... so this place, and you all, have been excellent free therapy. There was a little truth to what he said and I took it to heart which, believe me, I did need to hear. Anyway, I take it with a grain of salt. Cuz I can't soar with the eagles if let the turkeys get me down. :cool: Hope you're having a good weekend~~Corey
    Out of sheer curiosity, I'm not trying to be rude or say you're wrong, I just want to know, why are you republican? Again, I'm not saying "Why!? You're an idiot," I'm purely curious as to why! :p Please don't take it as an attempt to be offensive, I'm quite curious as to why people choose certain sides!
    I get the "inside jokes and black comedy" which is kind of what we do at any rate...the rest is shit:p
    not that i have the time!!!!! but this weekend i've had to much time on my hands?!?!?!
    oh and btw, I'm glad you're giving your boy some more money. he's gonna really need it now to refute all those ads full of blatant lies that he's been running lately.
    hahaha you're such an ass. you think I made that shizzle up? haha. that wasnt my FIRST donation EITHER btw.
    I am on the train on my way home. Forward the actual email or take a screen shot. I want proof. When I get home maverick is getting another donation. $100 enough?
    Dear Christina,

    Thank you for your generous donation of $50.00

    From the beginning, this campaign has been built and funded by supporters like you giving only what they can afford.

    By making a donation today, you have joined more than 2 million people who own a piece of this campaign.

    But we need to keep building our movement for change, and there are folks right around the corner from you who are potential supporters. We’ve launched a new tool to help you reach out to them, by making phone calls or knocking on doors.

    Learn more and get started today:

    Thank you again for your generosity,

    Obama for America

    take that mothaf***a!! in yo' face, in yo' faceeee!
    oh f***, i see the visitor message!! haha, im sorry, i'll delete that now
    I don't remember what I said!! haha, I'm just as confused as you! :/
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