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    Your latest Morrissey/Smiths buy

    Re: French "Barbarism" 12" Promo VIRGIN SA 3013
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    Wiki Bootleg List Offer

    Do you by chance have Raleigh November 16, 1997 and Greenville, SC Nov 8, 2007 Thanks
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    Looking for Asheville tickets

    Does anyone have two tickets to sell for the show at The Orange Peel in Asheville? Please message me. Thanks
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    List Of Top 100 Rarities

    Are the westwood one cd's you guys speak the radio concerts sent to the radio stations? I have a westwood one absolutely live, weekend of August 7/8 2004, Show #4-32. It has paper work with it that has a breakdown of the radio broadcast Content (songs played and times) and what commercials to...
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    Irish Blood English Heart 7" clear vinyl

    I just looked at both and they look the same. I don't remember if the shrink wrap had a sticker saying clear vinyl on it though...
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    Irish Blood English Heart 7" clear vinyl

    It's funny, when the single first came out I ordered it from earshot for $4.00 and it was the clear vinyl. Then I picked up the black vinyl from a local record store for $5.00. Guess I got lucky...
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    Irish Blood English Heart 7" clear vinyl

    Are these really rare and hard to find? Can someone shine some light on this record?
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    Help in getting some rare songs

    Beau Didn't you cruz around Cali with the guy that had that reel to reel Smiths show where they played that Cookies song?
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    Belfast has leaked so why not...

    Mr Reynolds, You have some good stuff.. and I thank you for sharing. Maybe on a good day you can find it in your heart to share with us and you can call me out if you don't have these... 1 Dennis cock all song ( swallow on my neck ) 2 Kit (Moz Vocals) 3 It's hard to walk tall (97) 4...
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    Live in Dallas DVD

    CD DVD??? Ancient Chinese secret.... But boy if a cop rolls up they put the cd and dvd boots up and bring out the paper lanterns.... lol
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    I am tickeled shitless...

    My wife and I just got tickets to see Clan Of Xymox Sept. 20th in Orlando, Fl The only US date... Wooot Wooot
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    Smoe Morrissey vinyl I am selling

    Re: Some Morrissey vinyl I am selling These are going off soon....
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    Smoe Morrissey vinyl I am selling

    Roy's 12" Beethoven LP Vauxhall Lp World Of LP
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