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    has anyone got

    thank you a lot !!!
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    has anyone got

    no I couldn't find it neither there nor from motorcycleaupairboy I'm so useless I can't even search right, I'd appreciate if anyone could just post the direct link, thanks
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    has anyone got

    has anyone got a picture of Morrissey with his black glasses on, a sticker of a teddy on his forehead and his thumb on his chin? I've lost it n just wanted to finish an old drawing but not sure where to find it again
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    Morrissey drawing

    thank you
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    Morrissey drawing

    wow ty a lot m8
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    What did make you smile today?

    Ice cream
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    what type of porn do you think morrissey likes

    Re: hmmm It is. Read the bible.
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    Morrissey drawing

    ty a lot everyone i did what i could
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    Morrissey drawing

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    What lyric describes you today ?

    Secretly wishing me gone Well, I will be soon oh, I will be soon I will be soon I will be soon
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    Robbie Williams is the Pop Morrissey?

    Robbie Williams sucks :sick: he will never have any resemblance to Morrissey
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