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    "Morrissey" perfume Incense Avignon

    does anybody know where we can get this in the uk please? ive trawled the net and havnt found a site!
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    Moz cameo in Corrie next week?

    is this bollocks or truth! if so, when will the episode be aired??
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    THPGU on itunes??

    Is anybody aware as to whther the new single is going to be on there. At the minute the video is available, but not the song!
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    Pushing and shoving at the Mozza gig - May 1st 2006

    at the end of the day, your at the front of a gig, surrounded by 100's of people that adore morrissey. Its goin to get a bit physical. Every body that goes to the front should have the common sense to know this. If you dont like the "jostling", then stand at the back.
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    if alain is back writing is going to be playing live ?

    i think people just want to see alain play live again, i know i do. I think alain fits in better, he's one of the "old boys".
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    What happened to "Doves"??

    i liked this band, but aint heard anything by them in ages and the website seems to be closed down..... any knowledge?
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    Russell Brand..urgh

    at the end of the day russell brand is as bigger fan as most people here... and how many of us would turn down an opportunity to be in a vid with moz!! look on the positive side, its likely to get moz a lot of good attention at a time when people are trying to bring him down!
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    Do You Want Tony Visconti to Produce Morrissey's Next Album?

    totally, the producer has a big influence on how the songs turn out. I've been in bands for years and have recorded several demo's. they always turn out different to the way the song way initially written.
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    New Song

    from the low quality clip i would say it sounds v good on first listen! cant bloody wait!
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    Milwaukee Stage Invaders

    so after all those people bitching about stage invaders and morrissey not liking them any more.... moz helped one of your friends up on stage!! Good for you's, and a big middle finger up to the pompous idiots that were wrong!!
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    Alain said he would help with my demo...

    no, i've given demo's to moz at gigs before... but then why would he reply.
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    About Liam Gallagher, and ... of course Morrissey

    what does "coming from a place that invented 1/3 of the english vocabulary" have to do with anything???? does that immedietly mean you understand or can read english.... NO! so that comment was pointless. i relation to the word "gay" the homosexual community adopted that word as an abbreviation...
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