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  • Well, you wouldn't kill you to have a girl lick your balls, DAnn. :D

    I know, right? I miss it too. Most members here now just don't get why the older members are such assholes. You HAD to be one to survive here. I'm solely a product of my join date...Lol.

    Yeah, it was nice talking to me again too.
    Sweet dreams and sleep well, dear ;)
    Hope to see you soon!
    Who was it? I thought you enjoyed being a dirty girl?!

    More like 2006. Lol. Why should I move on? I like living in the's much better than today.
    I wasn't aware we ever stopped. I think when someone threatens to kill you and meddles in your personal life, that isn't something you just forget and forgive.

    Hahaha! You should have just said "Yes. I do. Let's hook up."
    Well, I'm a, being up late is what I do. Why are YOU up so late?

    You have nothing better to do than talk to me. NO ONE does! :p
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