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    A serious question for vegetarian people?

    Believe it or not, that's the argument that people in favour of bullfighting use to defend their "cause". They say that if it were not for bullfighting, that type of bull would be extint. So I guess to them, the torture and killing of a beautiful animal actually "saves" a breed of bull...
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    Is Morrissey a hypocrite?

    I don't mean to start a fight with you, but how can fashion be more important than killing millions of animals for shoes, bags and belts? In any case, Veganism is not just about what you eat, but rather how you live. Veganism rejects the use of animal skin and animal byproducts as much as it...
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    Is Morrissey a hypocrite?

    Thing is, you say you wear leather because of meat eaters. Meat eaters could argue they eat meat because somebody else is already killing a cow to make shoes and leather from it. In truth, the leather industry feeds the meat industry and vice-versa. The perfect example of a vicious circle.
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    Is Morrissey a hypocrite?

    Because Gucci doesn't make non-leather shoes or non-leather belts perhaps?
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    Great new game, guess Moz's next tour date announcement

    Amazing. he'll do some European countries twice (Germany, for example) and he still does not do one single Spanish date. Not once has he played Barcelona, for example. With all the UK tourists plus the locals he would definitely sell out a medium-sized venue no doubt.
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    A new compilation album 'Swords'

    Re: So, a new compilation album 'Swords' I'd love to see You Say you don't Love Me in it. I thought it sounded brilliant live last year. Too bad he's not doing it anymore.
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    FOR SALE: 2 Brixton Academy Fri. 29 May

    Hi, I have 2 spare Brixton Academy tickets (Stall,standing) at face value: 35GBP plus service charge. PM me if you're interested.
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    Anyone not yet received UK tickets?

    Has anyone from outside the UK received their Salisbury tickets yet? I bought them through Ticket Master and the "ticket details" engine is not working properly, so I can't see if they've been finally sent or not.
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    Anyone not yet received UK tickets?

    Oh cool! Thanks. I guess I'll wait until Monday to start freaking out then.
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    Anyone not yet received UK tickets?

    Me for Salisbury. Bought them through Ticketmaster.
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    Northern Ireland + Scotland dates

    Re: belfast waterfront tickets on sale now Hi I just called the Waterfront to the number you provided, and the guy who answered (after a loooong wait) told me that tickets would not be on sale until Friday at 9:00 and that there has never been a pre-sale for these dates. Has anybody...
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    Cork travel info, accommodation etc.

    Seriously, no after gig party planned? Not in Dublin either? Where is everybody planning to go afterwards then?
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    Important Update Re Cork Gig

    Thanks for that Still no after-gig party planned? We have one more hour for it now.
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    2nd Irish Date rumoured for 28th June

    But what about another Irish date? No Dublin either then?
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    Wonder where Moz will play before the July festival?

    Re: Morrissey to play Zaragoza, Spain? Thaks ThisCharmingGirl From your mouth to God's ears :rolleyes:
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