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    Two standing tickets for Leeds for sale (£50 each)

    Two friends have dropped out last minute, two standing tickets for Leeds. Have physical tickets in hand so can either meet before the gig or I can post Special Delivery to arrive Saturday pre 1pm. Face value £50 each.
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    London Eventim 21/09/15 Queen is Dead

    Does anyone have any decent footage they could upload on The Queen is Dead encore from Monday night? Managed to get a handshake and would be great to see if it's on video anywhere...
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    London, England - Eventim Apollo (Sep. 21, 2015) post-show

    He was asking where he could buy vegan Wagon Wheels!
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    TTY: September UK dates (Hull Sep. 18, London Sep. 20 and 21)

    This would have been my 30th Morrissey concert but at £75 for a standing ticket at the Hammersmith Apollo, I think not. I'm not too concerned yet as the scalpers on Stubhub will be reducing their touting prices the closer we get and I still think I'll be there but for closer to £35 for a...
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    Manchester meet up?

    Stayed there for the 2004 gig, not a bad hotel, near the centre of most things!
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    Manchester Date Added, Manchester Arena, Saturday 28 July - TTY Update

    Manchester will have so much to answer tomorrow... I hope as per 2004 this one is for the bruisers!
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    Womens navy Paris Tshirt

    Surely the answer is to get a new girlfriend... (Only joking my other half would refuse to wear a Moz T Shirt as well).
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    Req - bubblegum MP3

    Love you guys.
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    Req - bubblegum MP3

    Really can't find Bardot Bubblegum from preconcert in 2004... anyone help out?
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    Signed Vinyl at the Birthday Gig

    Glad you made yourself known. YOU ARE A SELFISH TWAT.
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    Signed Vinyl at the Birthday Gig

    Would it really take that much effort for the stall guy to say "one per customer..." Really beggers belief that they dish out 5 to one person. I think I'd follow the selfish twat down a dark alley and under take a modern day Robin Hood act. Reselling his copies to the masses...
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    Morrissey's cologne

    Was definately Gucci Pour Homme on last tour. Having fought for the shirt, it was Gucci all the way.
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    The Sound of The Smiths

    The Sound of The Smiths - really sounds improved.... ... downloaded today from the Nokia Music Store (all free downloads with my new phone!)... I have to say the remixing makes a massive difference. It may be that my old CD's have gone a bit off, but the songs sound so much more "alive" and...
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    Morrissey's cologne - Avignon - anyone have it but doesn't like it and wants to sell?

    Re: Morrissey's cologne - Avignon - anyone have it but doesn't like it and wants to s This is an interesting topic. I am 99.9% certain that the aftershave on the UK tour in 2004 was Gucci (this is gained from the shirt he threw out and a long afternoon in Boots...)
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    See Tickets to issue a statement by Friday

    You are seriously boring me now and you obviously came on here trying to provoke a reaction and stupidly I supplied it. Next time I'm having trouble sleeping, I'll look up your posts... PS - next gig I go to I will make sure I read the small print on the ticket, the venues T&C's, the...
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