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  • Is that you letting airbomb repeaters off? Tsk you east Leeds lot.
    Inbetween watching that Joe Dolan video no doubt. X
    Yeah i did hoot, i was just going past that hairdressers 'curl up and dye' which i always thought was a great name...that and the sandwich shop 'the slice girls' in Armley...although i think that shut ha. X
    White Lies, another band i need to investigate.
    I'm driving past your neck a the woods very shortly, playing football on a lovely rain sodden pitch.
    I'll give you a blast on the horn as i pass by.
    Night! X
    haha that's far better than yer average step dad, do they still play gigs? Porl King if my google skills are up to scratch.
    I don't know anyone in a band, a woman at work knows them there Pigeon Detectives (probably 'knows' as in drinks at the same pub)..but i don't know much of there stuff anyway to be honest.
    Hope yer well. X
    I have but i don't think I've heard any of their stuff, i'll take a listen mind.
    You've recently got in to JD (not the drink) or Interpol or both? X
    Ha you've certainly survived some tough areas love.
    Well I'm not into tribute acts myself but i saw them earlier this year and they were good, twas a laugh anyroad and i didn't get mugged on the way home which was a bonus.
    Plenty of bands wanna be Joy Division these days and not necessarily tribute ones.
    Nah yer not rambling, i don't blame you for not challenging them.
    I think if you react they target you all the more, of course you should be able to but sometimes it just aint worth it.
    That said me gran who's nearly 90 lives in a similar type of area in Armley but she goes out and tells em' off, i tell her to be careful but she's stubborn and Irish and won't take any nonsense..fair play i say.
    Near there, further down near some smelly industrial estate.
    We've probably been in many a pub/bar at the same time.
    I sometimes work near you at Jimmys hospital, oh the glamour.
    I've gotta check with work tomoz love.
    I play football up York Rd way sometimes, near East End Park.
    I might be moving up that way myself soon. X
    ha i live right inbetween red bricked Bramley and Pudsey..home of that bloody bear.
    I do have a vacancy for a stalker funnily enough. X
    Yer hair getting ripped out is a bit harsh mind, have you clumps missing?
    I think i broke me toe there, some lass took me out with her heel...dirty tactics eh.
    Are you from Los Leeds then? X
    Bet you won't even get a slice of toast thrown in.
    Certainly did love, got a few bumps and bruises myself. Good to see you rolled yer frock up and got in there, none of that statue bit at the back.
    I've seen him a few times cos I'm a bit of a fossil but i must admit that was right up there.
    Are you quite new to his music or have you never had chance to see him before? X
    ha aye just stay out all night...good thinking Mrs.
    Ta for the info, i guessed it wouldn't be cheap.
    Rip off considering how much time you actually spend in there.
    I'll leave you in peace now, thank you. X
    Er just one more thing (Columbo style)
    May i ask how much yer digs cost you?
    I could always sleep near the nearest bin but it's a bit nippy nowadays. X
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