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    It's Poetry Darlings

    Re: It's Poetry Darlings!! Nice to see this thread is still going strong!
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    Should Morrissey start doing full album tours?

    Perhaps he could do something along the lines of what the Manics are planning to do in December. Perform all of his singles (not necessarily in chronological) at an arena venue of his choice. I think that would be a night to remember.
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    New Album Tracklist Game

    Action Is My Middle Name The Great North Runt Art-Hounds People Are The Same Everywhere Misery, Misery And Yet... A Little Like Baby Jane The Kid's A Looker Would You Save The Last Piece For Me? Scandinavia A Gift For My Enemies Darling, I Could Care Less Bow Out Gracefully Album...
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    A Question for the Girls

    I'm not female, but I would say 'YATQ' era Morrissey is my favourite (not that I have a thing for older men)
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    New Song | Art-Hounds

    Surely "I tried to surprise ya with vodka or tizer" is worse?
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    New Song | Art-Hounds

    No problem! It was a fantastic gig, by all accounts. On a personal level, it was great for me because I'm no longer a Moz gig virgin! Plus I got kissed by an orange haired punk :-P
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    New Song | Art-Hounds

    Sounds a lot like 'I'm Okay By Myself'
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    London - O2 Academy Brixton (Aug. 7, 2011) post-show

    It was much more than fifteen seconds!
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    London - O2 Academy Brixton (Aug. 7, 2011) post-show

    Camden was played in the soundcheck. Sounded good, apart from fluffing the high note at the end.
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    More Tour Dates For 2011??

    I think there was a hint at more gigs to come.
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    London - O2 Academy Brixton (Aug. 7, 2011) post-show

    Kristeen Young is bat-shit insane! Apart from that, fantastic gig. The new song is alright, though it is at its best in the last minute or so. He did a fair bit of interaction with the audience, including a little part about Charles and 'Camel' and how he laughed for weeks and months. Also, a...
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    New Song | Art-Hounds

    I think at one point he sang something like "My life is like an opera". I didn't think much of it, to be honest. Scandinavia was by far the best of the new songs played.
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    Stalls Ticket - Brixton

    Got a spare ticket for the Brixton on Sunday. Make me an offer I couldn't possibly refuse!
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    True-to-you Morrissey Statement 29th July. Re: The Norway Massacre.

    If you piss off Jan Moir, you do a good job in my book :lbf:
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