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  • This week has actually been rather cold for sweden this time of the year. Not sunny at all. But usually it's really hot around this time of the year,much warmer than most of England.
    What ever? Manchester screams for attention and you must heed the call. What's Sweden like this time of year is it warm.
    That's ashame the gay men thing, but Brixton won't be a shame that will be a triumph I'm sure. He likes London
    I usually only get attracted to gay men. And older straight men.

    i'm going to Brixton actually. Hopefully it will be good.
    As I say not expecting much of as a destination just sun looks like a nice hotel though. You should dump the gay boyfriend thing get a straight one.

    Not doing London gigs did four up here waiting for Manchester fear it may not happen.
    One of all my current gay-boyfriends Richard works as a steward. He says that Lanzarote is the ultimate whitetrash place.
    Whitetrash=saying "om my goooood, everything is SOOO cheap at Lanzarote".
    whitetrash-WHITETRASH=saying "oh my goooood, everything is SOOOO expensive at Lanzarote".

    Anyway, are you coming to London for the gigs?
    Why what's wrong lanzerotte? Never been there not expecting much to be fair just. Sun sangria and whatever
    Holidays got Tobe good news, visiting family or sightseeing? I booked a holiday yesterday a week in lanzarotte in a fortnight just gonna veg by a pool for seven days.
    Many thanks for the birthday wishes. You were the only one. I think that says a lot.
    hello :) it wont let me pm you anymore

    the ebay link you sent me, the seller is the same guy selling that fake everyday is like sunday vinyl :(
    Sorry I ran off from chat, but I think it's understandable not to feel comfortable with an 800 pound gorilla in the room. :p
    I'll never forgive you for this, Billy. Never. :p
    His avatar is of a gay porn star. Literally. I am worried. Save me, Billy!
    Woah...isn't it creepy how he found that comment, little Billy?
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