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  • Both yes and no. I was really fed up with them, they were so untidy and could leave the house in a complete mess and although it wasn't my job to tidy up I felt like I had to since I was at home all days. For a couple of months I did like everything, I was sooo tired about it.
    I work in an office, very boring. I just need to find another office to work in. But I miss "my" kids though. Miss how Imsie told me every morning "my Hannah, I'm not going bonkers....". And the way Poppy laughs and screams when you tickle her.
    Yeah...hopefully...have an interview on Friday. Being a nanny was like a holiday compared to this. At least you could just turn the telly on when it was too much to cope with.
    London is f***ing boiling. And I need a new job. My boss is an awful witch that deserves to die. : ) So how are you?
    I always feel sorry for atheists for some reason. Seems like youre missing out on so much, and I'm not saying it as an attempt for ridicule. i actually understand atheists. It makes sense, it's logical. i have more in common with most atheists than religious people. And sometimes I feel so fed up with all irrational religious people. But still I believe.
    Well yes, god exists you know. Maybe she is a fat black woman wobbling around in heaven making macaronie with cheese. But god still exists.
    Hahaha, no, I'm hotter than that :p And I'm actually not from Gothenburg, but i've been living here since 2006 when I moved here to study.
    Type Gothenburg into google images there's I pic half way down of boiled tomatoes and A green dead thing not good is all Swedish food not like this then. Ikea restraint food looks similar only with meatballs somewhere.
    Just googled it it looks great a beautiful place don't be depressed go out tomorrow and try and look at that city like you've never seen it before. But don't eat anything the pictures of Swedish food look yuk can swedes not cook? Doesn't look like it. But they can build buildings looks lovely enjoy your holiday.

    Eat chocolate.
    Hmm, well the winter is super cold and the summer is super hot. In England the winter is not very cold but the summer is not very hot either. I think there is some sort of connection.
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