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    The Smiths - Hatful Of Hollow (1984) [Loseless, Remaster]

    mp3 Handsome Devil: lossless/remastered flac Handsome Devil: Thanks for the upload! Sounds great!
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    Meat Is Murder (Loseless and Remastered)

    another comparison in waves: mp3 of the CD that you can find in stores for the last twenty years: I Want the One I Can't Have from the lossless/remastered upload:
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    The Smiths - Hatful Of Hollow (1984) [Japan Mini LP 2006 Remaster]

    below is from regular The Smiths s/t CD, a 256kbps mp3 rip: this is Miserable Lie from the lossless flac upload:
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    Strangeways Here We Come (Loseless & Remastered)

    let's compare the sound quality, i.e., is this remaster louder? from an original CD mp3 rip: and now here's Unhappy Birthday from the remastered flac: big difference.
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    The official 'Get Well Soon' thread for Morrissey

    He's a good fella with a wicked mind, hysterical wit and a lovely singing voice ;) Feel better, Steven.
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    The Queen is Dead (Remastered & Loseless)

    below is a picture of Bigmouth Strikes Again mp3 from the original The Queen is Dead CD: and here is the same song from the FLAC album posted above: It may not be an official remaster, but sure is louder... and sounds good, too!
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    Years of Refusal - How will you get it?

    I download many albums/songs for free without paying a cent. I'm not stealing, since artists/labels send me their music. I will have a copy of Years of Refusal before it hits stores, but I may gut it/delete it if I don't like (as well as write a nasty review ---I hope it's good!)
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    Request: KROQ 1997

    Modern Rock Live 1997 download Although this was recorded at Westwood One studios (where KROQ's Loveline resided), here in Los Angeles this aired on Y107 (107.1FM), a modern rock alternative station. Some boot CD's have falsely claimed that these songs were recorded at the Capital...
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    Morrissey on Uncut :Don't Look Back session

    I have no idea why I voted for Vauxhall and I, but I'm pleased I did. Seeing the results so far, many agree.
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    New 'Best Of' remastering: who is John K Davies?

    This new collection is for new audiences, for the kids! That's why this will be the loudest sounding Smiths album ever! :eek:
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    New 'Best Of' remastering: who is John K Davies?

    Re: The Sound of The Smiths aka Hang The DJ Widely available? They're OOP, or at least in my neck of the woods. Used copies are like nine bucks tops.
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    Introducing Morrissey

    Sourced from the soundboard. London, along with Used to be a Sweet Boy and Shoplifters of the World (the latter two not included in the boot mp3s) were left off the VHS concert film VHS: 1. Billy Budd 2. Have-A-Go Merchant 3. Spring-Heeled Jim 4. You're the One for Me...
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    Introducing Morrissey

    Inside the rar is a folder full of mp3 files, and a custom icon Mirror: Songs: 1 Billy Budd 2 Have-A-Go Merchant 3 Spring-Heeled Jim 4 You're the One for Me, Fatty 5 The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get...
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    Anyone have Bill Cosby's "Morrissey-themed" performance, Carson 1991?
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    Anyone have Bill Cosby's "Morrissey-themed" performance, Carson 1991?

    It'll be up later tonight, slightly slpit. If anyone would like the two songs as mp3s please let me know.
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