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  • Jesus H, you have to hear their B-sides. Seriously they're as good as the albums. If you want I can send you a few via email - PM your email address.
    Did he do it on purpose? Was it really blatant? I don't remember the exact name of the copyright defense, but artist will assert that they haven't heard the tune they're accused of taking from prior to writing their own. As someone who isn't a musician, this seems hard to believe - although the artists accused of taking from other material say it is possible and does happen coincidentally. This just came to mind when I read your post, and may not at all be applicable to your keyboardist taking from Felt. Anyhow, sorry about your lost tune :(
    I've got my keyboard in my room now! I'm making sweet sweet music.... Mostly just transposing things because I'm bored though. Beats revision. I refuse to meet up with you, anyway. Besides, I have exams.
    And what did you buy? You've got no musical talent. I don't understand.
    NEITHER! Oh my lord, is this what my life has become? The Smiths fan is new. The Suede fan is a massive wanker. This one's a MORRISSEY fan. Worst one of all.
    Mmmm well I guess it's just utterly over. Boo.... Not at all looking forward to bumping into him and certain other people in May. If you don't stop calling me a c*** you'll be on my list of people to avoid on Tour of Refusal.
    Oh good lord no. Here I'm proper heartbroken. I spoke to a certain someone last night and Goodbye has become Farewell. HEARTBROKEN.
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