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  • wow...nice job!!
    i always got aweful jobs..in offices and so on..you have to know that i got a businness education after 4 years of hell..now i changed my direction..i will start an education in august for 2 years and afterwards i want to study social pedagogy..

    it's also raining here...for 5 days now..with only 17°C !!
    That's horrable..same time last year it was over 33 °C...
    a nightmare..i have to put on my jacket..well
    it's a weird..weird world..isn't it??
    and NOW put a moz shirt on..your i pod...go out and show the world who this planet reigns:)..
    well i'm really impressed..i don't know why so shy???
    I would be very proud of it!!!!
    And it was your first try..unbeliveable*eek*
    same thing here..it's quite boring..i'm cleaning my room and make the dishes..watching some indie music videos on mtv..US Vs. UK..now they're playing ruby by kaiser chiefs:)..i f***in love that song..especially the bass lines..now it's the artic monkeys..yeah they rock!!!!!! Do you like them?
    GREAT..can't wait to see it..count the minutes:)..
    i know that's it's really tough..I'm always very surprsied of the women results in here..
    it's such a hard work*rolleyes*
    well..i was really happy..when i found that forum in august 2007..i'm a coma girl since 2004 when IBEH was released...and was never able to share my love for him..til last year..and i'm really happy about..today i know that there are a few more moz fans then i expected..
    i mean here in germany..
    now i know some really good places by german users i met here..
    they told and informed me that there are regular moz parties just a few kilometers away...fantastic..this forum is definitive a huge part in my life..
    sometimes more than i can handle ( in regard to the frink thread :))
    i think i will go to bed now..i'm so tired after all that wireless stuff and the concert / flight ect..so..have a nice day..and keep posting;)
    xoxo miry asleep

    I think I will be very happy here! I have already spent a lot of time on that frink thread, and I think I will be spending a lot more time there yet! The pictures are just delicious!

    Thanks for the welcome! :)
    hi and welcome to the forum..wish you a great time in here..and don't forget to become a new frink member we need as much support as possible;)
    lovley greetings from rainy cologne
    xoxo miry in a hyde park coma:)
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