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  • Do you already have that Smiths cd I told you about? Mine has the Japanese OBI strip inside the cd, it's a pretty cool find if you ask me.
    well i don't know how many beau's are kicking around, but they didn't make a hand in glove cd single so i am doubtful i would have had such a conversation from you. but i talk to so many moz fan/collectors i can't remember who's who.
    Is this the same Beau, that several years ago, I was trying to get an original CD copy of the "Hand In Glove" single from? YOU. NEVER. GOT. BACK. TO. ME. ABOUT. THAT?
    Hey Beau,

    It's Scott Shelley.

    Just noticed that you're looking for the CD-single for "I'll Sail This Ship Alone". The last time I looked, Vinyl Tap had a copy for 8 pounds, or thereabouts. Also, I love that Lead Into Gold record. I think I'll break it out right now, in fact.

    Hi Beau

    I hope you are well.
    " I was just passing through here on my way to somewhere civilised "
    ( kidding)... and I decided to say HI.
    Lori x
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