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    Morrissey Dreams

    some of your dreams are very interesting .. here is mine :) Its the only one i have ever had about morrissey, and it involved me going to one of his gigs with a girl i grew up with (she is my worst enemy). It was indoors and the stage was high, like as high as a skyscraper and all you could...
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    Steve Wright "Hang The DJ" Tshirt :)
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    a bit of a dick?

    yes, yes it is. thats the media for you though isnt it ... their sole purpose is to cause contraversy, even these so called "braodsheets" they are turning into tabloids these days :squiffy:
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    a bit of a dick?

    i agree ... he doesnt actually say that he personally thinks Morrissey is a dick .... each to their own.
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    2010 / 2011 live dates?

    Re: 2010 Live Dates i know which is sad sad sad :(
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    2010 / 2011 live dates?

    Re: 2010 Live Dates pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee announce soon morrissey!
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    Your latest Morrissey/Smiths buy

    my very good friend bought this for me :) one very happy little lady :)
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    wanted - the smiths vinyl

    if anyone has this they want to sell please pm meeeeee :)
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    Smiths / Morrissey Vinyl & Magazines For Sale

    if you still have the smiths, the smiths pm me xxx
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    Selling out all of my Smiths Moz stuff!

    Re: Selling out ALL of my Smiths Mozz stuff! i am looking for the smiths, the smiths on 12" if you have it i am willing to pay anything for it :) xx
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    Liverpool - Moz walks off stage

    Re: Moz walks off stage at the end of the day, this tour has been tiring for morrissey, with him collapsing and everything .. hes done well to carry on .. i agree with him not coming back on stage .. if hed have come back after hed cooled down and finished his show then people would have called...
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    Your latest Morrissey/Smiths buy

    well hello there ... nice to meet you .. im not in huddersfield at the moment though .. its summmer :) xxxx
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