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    Roll Call: Boston

    So what time is everyone planning on arriving/lining up? I'd like to get a spot on the floor that's within shirt-tossing range...but I'm also coming from out of town and don't want to spend the whole day on line either!
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    Roll Call: Boston

    Who's going to the HOB show in Boston? I'll be there! Just bought tickets yesterday. Wasn't planning on going but had such a great time at the Buffalo show, I was going through withdrawl and had to see Moz again. I can't wait! Question about the general admission tickets though -- On the...
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    buffalo NY presale password

    Hello, new to the forums here. Just started reading them as these tickets have gone on sale! Anyway, just wanted to add that I too think something fishy is going on with the tickets. I got tickets at exactly 10am on the itunes presale day, perhaps naively thinking that I'd get "best...
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