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    Morrissey to be interviewed by John Wilson on "Front Row" 20th April - BBC Radio 4

    If anyone is outside the UK and up-ended over the weird international streaming laws, there's a site that works called
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    2011 Tour

    For the presale you have to go through otherwise ticketmaster starts tomorrow. See you in Dunoon!
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    A word of warmth to the line organisers at Moz gigs

    I agree, p'tit Fantôme, those crazy Continentals-- all charm and arrogance. Don't you think, Gui-gui? And those barbaric Amurikans don't even have lists!
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    A word of warmth to the line organisers at Moz gigs

    It's happened at all the European gigs I've been to (2/4), and it's certainly a good idea, but I've seen it result in some silly tiffs. In Prague some Germans showed up at 4pm and the French who had been there since 8 tried to enforce the line, but the Germans protested that it was somehow...
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    Wanted 1 Salisbury City Hall ticket

    Wanted Salisbury ticket. I've tried to buy through SeeTickets, and they say they have them, but the website is quite buggy. Have already bought a train ticket to Salisbury. Or anyone want to split the cost of a scalper?
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    Rimini roll call

    I'll be in Rimini on the 13th, but only intend to go to the show on the 14th. I'm afraid I have no useful information to give concerning Rimini (or Italy in general) except that it has a Piazza Cavour. I'm going to be in Rimini 13th- 17th, and Venice after that. Hope to see you there!
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    Prague Roll Call

    American from Atlanta will be at the Prague gig, but I'll probably skip the Vienna show (for the Karlovy Vary Film Fest) and heave on to Rimini. I'm on standby on a flight for the 3rd, so I should be there by then. I'd be up for a meet-up, for sure. Have you been to Prague before? And...
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    New Fan-Produced Morrissey Shirts

    See new sample shirts on my website! Green Morrissey on Blue Shirt Orange Morrissey on Maroon Shirt
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    Hey! I live in Tucker when school's not in session; when it is, I live in Midtown. If you...

    Hey! I live in Tucker when school's not in session; when it is, I live in Midtown. If you order a shirt, we can meet for coffee and you can pay for shipping in Morrissey stories. Or I can just drive it over to Grant Park for ya.
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    New Fan-Produced Morrissey Shirts

    Say you wanted a print on this AA t-shirt. If I can pop down to my local store and find it in the color you want it'll run you $18.19 (shirt + tax). Then the print is +$8.00 and shipping is however much it costs to get it to you (So that's $26.19, without postage). If you order a shirt, I'll...
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    New Fan-Produced Morrissey Shirts

    Roughly (I haven't tried to stick a shirt in this kind of package yet) it runs $6.28 (£3.89) or $12.95 (£8.02) Priority Mail to the UK. And just drop me an email to order. Fangs!
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    New Fan-Produced Morrissey Shirts

    Thanks for the support, folks. (That is Morrissey! :squiffy:) I'll definitely work on some more screens next week. Here are two better pictures: &
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    New Fan-Produced Morrissey Shirts

    Fellow Morrissey Fans: Lend me your nimble fingers and scrutinizing eyes while I modestly peddle my wares! I've been puttering around with screen-printing in my basement for the last month and I've finally decided to let my new hobby see the light of day. See my shamefully utilitarian...
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    Morrissey's Shirts

    I understand where people are coming from trying to allow an even chance for the shirt, but I think it's too artificial for a Morrissey gig (although they do seem a lot more artificial than one might expect). The fight for the shirt is (a) a spectacle of the night, (b) an active chance to show...
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    Best Bootleg Quotes!

    Nobody? Well, I'm okay by myself... The one you mentioned above, Ani is quite good, but what about the one from a recent version of William, It Was Really Nothing (off the Bootleg mix Soon I Will Be Dead) when Morrissey speaks to Julia: Morrissey: So... so, Julia, I just want everybody to...
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