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    Also, I believe you're the ONLY other person that gets that it all semantics. The battle here is for the word. Nothing more, nothing less.
    have recently checked the neubauten forum. seems you are unlucky seeing them live over there near where you live ever

    -you have to come to europe then. save your money..its worth it...until then only youtube is there but that s another thing feeling the noise on your own body
    i was there a tthe 20th anniversary concert where they played the classics: der tod oist ein dandy etc

    oh i see you "only have the newer albums ...
    get : halber mensch ,haus dr lüge..kollaps-...the classics
    oh hello!
    another neubauten fan(juding by your avatar which jumped upon me)..:D if you type in neubauten or blixa here in this forum search you will find a lot of posts by me...actually the combination between neubauten and moz fan is not too unusual(like i have thought) i have heard of a lot of people who did like them both..
    do you know
    alos nice to see some younger neuabuten fans in reverse to the moz audience which is surprisingly young while the neubauten audience is mostly older..
    greets from hamburg

    edit: oh and moz-solo member mcrickson is a huge neubauten fan(he is from the US)
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