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    Panic cover by the Puppini Sisters Anyone heard of them before? They have an album out called 'Betcha Bottom Dollar'.
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    Kristeen Young

    Thanks for clearing that up, Danny!
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    Kristeen Young

    You are right!! I remember was the Philly cheesesteak comment!
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    Kristeen Young

    Didn't Morrissey kick Damien Dempsey off the tour back in 2004? Does anyone know or remember why?
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    Top 10 Favorite Bands or Singers

    Top 10: 1. Morrissey/The Smiths 2. Belle & Sebastian 3. Tori Amos 4. Bowie 5. Muse 6. Cash 7. Loretta Lynn 8. Os Mutantes 9. PJ Harvey 10.The Cure Sorry, couldn't leave out JD, Talking Heads/David Byrne, Death Cab for Cutie, The Decemberists...
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    Future Morrissey Spotting at Barney's NYC?

    I love the sign, Mozmic_Dancer!!! Moz would be the perfect model for a luxury brand, lol! I could see him doing watches...or maybe Gucci cologne...think he's ever been approached about it? PETA should approach him about doing an ad for their 'I'd rather go naked than wear fur' campaign :D
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    Best of 2007

    Here are a few of mine in no particular order: The Shins--wincing the night away Arcade Fire--neon bible >>>>>>check this out fans: White Stripes--icky thump Peter, Bjorn, and John--writer's block Feist--the reminder The National--boxer Rilo...
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    Patrick Watson wins Polaris Prize...your thoughts?

    I was pretty sure it was going to be Feist or maybe even Arcade Fire. Not familiar with Patrick Watson...looking at some of his work on youtube now and not really sure what to make of it. What are your thoughts?
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    Best of 2007

    Maybe there's already a thread for this...but I didn't see one... The new year is only a few months away...what have been your favorite albums of 2007 (so far)? Still working on my list but I would love to see what yours is...
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    Short person trying to make it to the front of the stage...

    Here's my story... I have been to three morrissey shows but have never tried to make it to the front of the stage. I have no problem doing this at other shows, and people are usually pretty cool about me moving ahead of them because I'm pretty small and I do not cover their view at all...
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    Is anyone here going to the Austin City Limits Festival this week?

    Yeah, I was really, really disappointed about The Whites Stripes canceling their shows....have you been to the fan forums on the ACL website? Everyone is speculating on who will be headlining...needless to say, those will be some pretty big shoes to fill...
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    Is anyone here going to the Austin City Limits Festival this week?

    Hi there, First time in Austin and I am really looking forward to it! Thanks for the Blue October rec...I put them on my must-see list for the show. Are you familiar with Austin? If so, do you have any recommendations for things to do in the city? Thanks!
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    Is anyone here going to the Austin City Limits Festival this week?

    Too bad Moz isn't part of the lineup :-(
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    Looking for 5-day NYC package for individual tickets for any day

    Hi, Please contact me if you have an extra package or any tickets available for the NYC shows. Please help! Many thanks!
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