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  • LOL! Just messaged you about it!!
    They are the strangest, saddest animals/fish I have ever seen and very interesting. I had never heard of them before today.

    Maybe they are Morrissey fans!:lbf:

    Great idea to put as profile pic on facebook!
    you know ive never said anything to that person or anyone concerning you. i dont know what thats all about. in fact i dont even know anything about you in the first place, so don't worry about it. hope you're doing fine,
    happy birthday, gorgeous
    wiw wars in london - moz(ally pally) und england allgemein?

    moz brought you a flower
    MOZ is ecstatic after he had received your party invitation for the weekend
    the flowers he bought you as a present..well he decided it looks better stuffed in his backpocket
    he also had practised a dance sequence with johnny for you
    because he did the dance for an hour
    you told him to leave so he did this to allow an extended stay
    gifs+caps created by dicartwright
    Not bad ta.
    Got a bit of a fuzzy head, stayed out after the gig you see.
    If i can get the weekend off work i think i will head to Liverpool. xx
    Oh not bad thank you, can't sleep mind.
    i know yer really looking forward to that trip...I'll keep it all crossed for you. xx
    No problem, I feel the same way. :) It's always nice to find someone who feels the same way you do (although obviously variety is the spice of life, and disagreement is a nice catalyst for debate). :thumb:

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