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    "I Am Not A Dog On A Chain" released (March 20, 2020)

    So: the old codger has managed to release a halfway-decent album (best thing since Quarry imho). After an initial listen on YouTube: The standout song is "Once I Saw the River Clean" which is just wonderful; sounds like a lost Marc Almond tune. Everything else is varying degrees of...
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    "I Am Not A Dog On A Chain" - pre-order, format details and exclusives summary; new bundles site

    That's exactly what I was thinking: it makes his weakest album cover look inspired in comparison. It seems like he's just trolling at this point (which, to be fair, is one of the things he does best these days). Sad.
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    "Morrissey and Violence" by Ian Kashani

    Yes indeed. Morrissey has always been the ultimate unreliable narrator. He's used it to great effect, and it's also been very convenient; it's always made him a tough one to pin down. But the younger Morrissey was clever, brash and engaging; you can get away with murder if you can make 'em...
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    When did you quit Morrissey?

    What irks me about Morrissey these days isn’t just his weirdly naive political statements, it’s his increasingly clumsy attempts to play the bully. It only makes him look more pathetic. It doesn’t suit him. I haven’t “quit” him so much as I mourn him. I seldom listen to him these days, but he...
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    When did you quit Morrissey?

    Good question. World Peace was also the last album I bought (it was also the first tour I did not attend). I should have stopped around Years of Refusal; that's the first truly dire disc that I made excuses for. Ringleader was a mediocre effort, but his live show was still magnificent (I'll...
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    "Morrissey and Violence" by Ian Kashani

    Morrissey went from "It's so easy to laugh, it's so easy to hate, it takes guts to be gentle and kind" to "it's not your birthday anymore. There's no need to be kind to you, and the will to see you smile and belong has now gone." Morrissey's worst nature has eclipsed his best; he's become a...
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    NME: Billy Bragg on Morrissey

    Awaaaaay back in 1984 Billy Bragg accosted me for being a Smiths fan. Plus ça change.
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    "Bigmouth strikes again and again: why Morrissey fans feel so betrayed" by Tim Jonze - The Guardian

    I'm listening to The Smiths right now and J. Marr is correct: those songs will live on because, even after all these years, Morrissey's humor, humanity, cleverness, cheek and outright bravery still shine though, and because Marr's music is perfection. I remember who Morrissey seemed to be then...
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    New York City, NY - Lunt-Fontanne Theatre (May 2, 2019) post-show

    I would add that "Morning Starship" is a fantastic cover; one of my favorites. His voice was velvety and glorious. As a vegetarian (and highly imperfect vegan) of almost thirty years I appreciate Morrissey's continued witnessing for the suffering of our fellow beasts. "The Bullfighter Dies" and...
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    New York City, NY - Lunt-Fontanne Theatre (May 2, 2019) post-show

    A very good night! Full disclosure: the last time I saw Morrissey was four years ago at Madison Square Garden. That show was so tedious, low-energy and dispiriting (and the setlist was so dull) that I've skipped all his visits to New York City and environs until tonight. Morrissey was in very...
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    "Thank you New York!!" - Morrissey - @officialmoz / Twitter; all 7 shows "sold out instantly"

    Why thank you Joe! I wasn't going to go. I really wasn't. But who can resist the siren call (also, tickets have been discounted)?
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    "Thank you New York!!" - Morrissey - @officialmoz / Twitter; all 7 shows "sold out instantly"

    I just bought a center row orchestra seat for tonight's performance at below face value on Ticketmaster. There are still great seats (like fourth row) available right now.
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    Strange/unexpected Moz references?

    Saw the brilliant comedian Patton Oswalt last night. He made several references to Morrissey during his (very funny) set and played "Girlfriend in a Coma" at the close. Morrissey the archetype persists.
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    LP (Laura Pergolizzi) and Morrissey photos (9 total); LP sings on two tracks - Morrissey Central

    Laura Pergolizzi has an amazing voice! We were just listening to her album "Lost on You" a few days ago. I didn't expect Morrissey to make such a good musical choice at this late stage of his career. Dammit - he just made it tougher to stop listening.
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    It’s not about politics

    QAnon and the BLUE ROSE SOCIETY are one and the same. Don't believe me? 1) How did Morrissey get permission to play in the US after threatening Donald Trump's life? 2) Why has Morrissey chosen this moment to openly support the far-right agenda? 3) Why was Morrissey "seriously considering" a...
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