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  • hi amy do you have any idea of copy dvds (with nero) i have to put the orginal data from the dvd on the computer (i onyl have one tray so i have to put the orginal in get the data onto the computer (.how to I copy it from the :d onto desktop ? then put it out tand take the empty dic and put it in..the q is i have to save the data somewhere to burn i guess i have to made a image data-on the desktop? thnks for help
    I am very well, thankyou. Tis a shame you can't smuggle a lap-top into work with you. In between customers you could give us your porcelain goings-on.
    Oh, I didn't read that -glad you are home & can relax now. I was at church and later we are supposed to go to a BBQ (church friend) but it has been raining for 3 days straight! I guess it's still "on" and we will go for a little bit -mingle and get our drink on. Our friend is battling Hodgkins, so it's well worth the visit.
    I whinged about it in the "Bad mood" thread. Sounds funny in print, but God was it annoying in person...
    What a bitch/bastard... :( It will be slightly easier by the day, I guess. :) It's just good that you started doing something and you can move on to the next job anytime.
    I hope your first day went well Amy. New jobs are the scariest thing, personally I don't think there's anything more wracking for the nerves. I read that it takes 4 days to properly feel comfortable in a new place - actually I read it on solo I think.
    no wonder...i remember i was watch seven on the telly and the telephone rang and the person started having a go that i rang them up!!!!!!I didn't!!!!

    i was a prank call by some idiots who got your number. did you keep the number from 1471? I would.

    As long as your alright, that is the main thing.:)
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