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  • That'll explain the huge question mark in my army of forum chums then..:) An easy mistake to make i suppose. it raises the question of why you are sleeping when i want to contact you. Are you going to continue in this selfish vein..lol!

    I am definitely fine but not dandy..:) I hope you are doing well and i will learn from this mistake. Hope to speak to YOU soon..:)
    Well Well well, look whos come back to us!

    Id thought youd gone for good.

    I trust tricks are well Alma!
    hey you. Thank you so much and i will try to enjoy the weekend..:) I will never get over that avatar..:)

    Have a good one, er, weekend yourself and i hope the family are all doing well?

    Hun, you're so kind to me..:) It's great to see you back...!

    Man, i thought it was hot here, but we've had nothing like 30 degrees. Maybe 26 max. I would just melt at 30 degrees, i'm just not designed for this kind of weather..:)

    I hope you're well toady and hubby and the munchkins are all doing well?..:)
    Was that taken this week? It's been unbelievable, the weather.

    It's great to have you back. I get a coal-fire glow when i see your name on the list..:)
    Is that a challenge?...:)

    It's just so good to see you back. I hope everything is well with you and the family?
    I'll need to go shopping soon, but i hope you'll be around a lot more.

    You're a big loss from this place. I promise not to annoy you..:)
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