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  • Hey hun. I Managed to get temporary accommodation today, so i won't be around for a while.

    I hope everything goes well for you and the family on monday, you know what i mean..:)

    I hope you are doing well and looking forward to Christmas?

    Keep in touch.

    Yours, Ally..xxx
    Honey. Have you had the funeral and stuff for you Nan?

    I am just getting dinner soon. How are you feeling and all that?

    Yours, Alasdair..xxx
    i take it you've noticed im no it buff?:o whilst me and computers may not be ike & tina, we're not blissful either:rolleyes: will a pm mean your a confidant?
    i dont want anymore friends now, im not greedy. anyway it cant get any better really:p ps, there's some1 i dont like on here:(
    its amazing isn't alma? i cant believe myself alma:rolleyes::guitar:. it must be something i've done in a past life to deserve it,its certainly not this one:eek: the 2 most b...... women on this forum, whatever next:rolleyes:hope your ball affair went well:)
    :guitar:you are kindness in itself. so you want the bag of chips or the value of the bag of chips? and should you come to liverpool ill, erm buy you a babycham.:p
    all 3 times liverpool played there between april & dec 07, each time i went to that chippy. i think i even brought a menu home, how sad's that? but it is boss. 10gbp to park on the holiday however is not...angry face.
    3 smiling faces. ps if you live in reading there's a chippy called deep blue (i think) its awesome. its opposite the holiday inn and next to a supermarket. well thats it really.
    you've made my day. your my first friend and my only friend since joining this forum. i've got a warm glow now. i feel like a ready-brek boy
    A good drink is fine, it's just that it can become a big disadvantage - like you didn't know that already..:)

    Good to her that your Nan is better..:) Dementia must be a really tough gig for the family and it's horrible to hear about her mugging. Some people are just absolutely disgusting. it must be pretty scary getting older. Not looking forward to it unless i can defy old age by killing myself and cheating death. I'll let you know how i get on..:)

    All is okay, could be better..:) I hope you and the kids are doing well?

    Take care..xxx
    Hey you..:)

    really sorry to hear about your Nan. Is she feeling any better? try not to drink too much though, it always makes things worse, which isn't always true but it does that for me..:)

    Anhoo, some incredible advice for you to ignore..:) I hope and nan will feel better soon.

    All the best, Alasdair..xxx
    Hello Gorgeous!

    Been on hols for a couple of weeks and missed the thread... SO... to paraphrase a horrible song and make it nicer, but our favourite lyricist:

    Ive come to wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY, becuase your lovely and your kind and if you were to try I might feel slightly sad but I wont cry.

    Rubbish I know but its a tough song to make sound nice!

    Happy Birthday Alma!
    Happy b'day Alma and happy wedding anniversary (yesterday if I'm not mistaken?...Wot a week end!)

    Barking alias the scarlet journal deserter:cool:
    Thanks for the IT tip.

    Muchos Gracias. Nearly 30 and my tecchy skils (and spelling!) are already on the wane.
    Thanks, alma--how did we 'miss' befriending eachother? :confused: You know we're friends outside of clicking any checkboxes ;) Hope u and yours are well!
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