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  • sorry, dont know if you got this message twice, but that's a great pic. very classy.
    Hi sweetie! Long time, no chat! Happy Belated Birthday to you. Hope you are well. Stay Fabulous! :love:
    Happy Birthday!! Check your letterbox hopefully the card I sent will arrive soon. Hope you had a fabulous day xx
    Happy Birthday, girl!! Best wishes all-ways!
    Hope you're celebrating how special you are :)
    VIRGOS RULE! :guitar:

    Hi Alma. Good to see you back again. Fingers crossed for a show this time. :)
    That's always a nightmare, sorting out people's stuff. It sounds like she lived to a good age.

    I used to love these days as a kid. Don't like snow as an adult i may fall over and break my new hip....:) Poor Rachel, it's not the kind of day to be sick. I hope she gets well soon.

    I am still putting money aside to get a deposit together, so i am still in temporary accomodation at the moment. Hopefully that will change soon.

    I hope you keep well and that the bairn gets well soon.

    Love, Ally...xxx
    Hey Mrs. How is life treating you? haven't heard from you in yonks. Give me a little message just to let me know if you are alive and well.....:)

    I hope the funeral and stuff went okay?

    Love, Alasdair...xxx
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