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    Set list on spotify

    I created a set list on Spotify of the tour based on setlists posted here. See you in Manchaster Saturday!
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    Wanted: 2 tickets for post Manchester Star and Garter party

    These are sold out, for August 20, any one has two tickets to sell?
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    O2 Wireless Roll Call Thread

    mostly lurker here but will try to come through the pub before and Quarry and then Popstarz later...
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    Plans for the Solo meet-up before Hyde Park (Wireless) on Friday...

    Hi mostly a lurker here but would try and meet you guys in the Carpetners arms - when will most arrive? And after to the Quarry... There will also be a Morrissey room at Popstarz Popstarz July 4 Morrissey night
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    'Panic On The Streets' London Tour Thursday 24th January

    Would love to join the tour... when and where exactly would it meet?
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