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    My last Smiths / Moz items up for auction

    Allie Walls You are a funny man You were given great offers on your stuff, no fees to pay either to Ebay, Omega or likewise. Your stuff will have to go some to beat those offers and pay Omega their cut too. Your Hold on promo will need to sell for £1000. Can’t see it but you never know.
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    For sale: Smiths/Morrissey BPI/RIAA gold/platinum record awards

    I’d be interested in the two RIAA awards given to Sire for QID and LTB-if you want to discuss further drop me a pm
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    For sale: Smiths/Morrissey BPI/RIAA gold/platinum record awards

    Why would a radio station be presented with a RIAA award? The band or record label people yeah I get that but a radio station?? They get one for playing it or something?
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    Selling my collection

    I think you may be pleasantly surprised with the auctions, Omega seems to have some very wealthy Smiths buyers that hoover up anything for silly money. Even after your fees for selling you may be on a winner, but not half as good as the auction owners are of course. It’s a win-win with fees from...
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    selling off my collection

    Really rare stuff seems to be selling stronger than ever, there have been some eye catching auctions on eBay recently. There always seems to be a few prepared to dig deep for the scarce items.
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    2 x face value Leeds 24th Feb standing tix

    Yep I will take the pair for £100 if still for sale PM me
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    Here we go again another fake

    What's the story here? Do we reckon this is a fake? I have seen a few fake white labels over the years with labels stuck over the original or where one as been scraped off and replaced but this one looks "good". I'm guessing a test for the jukebox pressing, as the matrix suggests but the writing...
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    The Smiths/Morrissey collection for sale

    Why? Is my money worth less than anyone else's? What a sad comment from a weirdo hiding behind the anonymous shield. Anyway, for what it's worth I cannot see anyone wanting to buy all of the collection in one go, most will need this one or that one but not all. I just would like the really rare...
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    The Smiths/Morrissey collection for sale

    I wouldn't be able to come to Germany to buy all of your items but I would be interested in buying your rarer test pressings and acetate if you have no joy in finding a buyer for the whole collection. Let me know if this becomes an option. Thank you.
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    'Barbarism...' German single release promo poster 1985, original

    That sure is fake compared to the older one, but you would have thought that there would be a Rough Trade logo or something to identify the label, it is supposed to be a promo poster after all. I do not speak German, can someone translate what is written on this poster?
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    'Barbarism...' German single release promo poster 1985, original

    Like I said, I thought they were Rough Trade promo posters too but apparently not so. Just passing on a tuppeny bits worth of 2nd hand knowledge. I have paid decent money for this poster in the past so to hear it is no more than a fan made print was unwanted info indeed. Why do you still hide...
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    'Barbarism...' German single release promo poster 1985, original

    A collector that sold me a Bigmouth 12" test pressing recently told me these are bootleg posters, I always thought they were official but he said 100% they were not.
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    Black label promos

    Fair comment, with the matrix info not matching up with the passions site I will be steering clear anyway.
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