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  • your alarm clock does sound very advanced! mine is the sound of bells that gradually get louder/more annoying the longer I avoid it. purring sounds much more pleasant. I forget if I asked you or not, what is your job? maybe you are a chef.
    hello 5am! I am extremely jealous, and you are probably sleeping as I type. it is only late afternoon here. sometime I'd like to devote a week to sleep but I don't think it will ever happen. and what if instead of sleeping I was somewhere buying a lottery ticket that wins or something like that? I do not know what to tnink.
    you're still young. :cool: what are you going to do for your birthday? I went to New York City for mine a few months ago and froze my face off. (I'm still waiting for it to come back.) what does the tattoo on your arm say? the kitteh looks nice in the background, too.
    it was one of her favorite spots, the porch swing was originally gotten for people to use but she quickly claimed it for herself. :p I don't know what exactly Sassy died from but I just mostly don't like that she died during winter when it's so cold out. she disappeared for a few days and then when she was found, she was already dead. and Tooty sounds very charming, I'm sure she will be taken care of. :cool:

    ps. when is your birthday!
    I am very proud of myself (I've just figured out how to use the scanner I've had for over a year. :p) and I want to show you a photo of my cat! her name was Sassy. she died two years ago, but thankfully I still have a picture of her. I miss her mucho. :sweet:

    I think it s! I love the accents regina puts on, (the exaggerated NY accent is my favorite, haha) she is my favorite besides Morrissey. :) she did this song the other night that was amazing, http://reginaspektor.org/download-page?task=view.download&cid=1665
    on the right side of the page there is a "download" thing to listen to it. i think you will lurrve it also

    omg and you like Ani too?! I am seeing her all by myself next month, if you ride your bike you might get here on time!
    it's leaked here. :)

    it definitely isn't my favorite (Soviet Kitsch rules very hard) but I love a lot of it and am happy that there's finally a new album! the last time I saw her, it was when she did a show with Ani DiFranco. I died a little inside (but in a good way). :p
    part 2 of message
    romy schneider is beyond description..-one of the best actresses, also a pretty tragic figure..
    .she played a lot of the "nice girl" roles in the 50 ties and most germans still see her only as the cute "Sissi" (Empress Elisabeth of Austria)actress.she made alot of great films in the 70 ties in francelike with claude sautet..
    she became engaged with alain delon.but even after they split up they remain friends
    .she made a great film with him "the swimmimng pool(`68).one of my faves of her
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M%C3%A4dchen_in_Uniform (1931)
    a lot of people claim the 1931 one is more risky(more intimate kiss)
    therefore better ?.well i dont know about that)but if you see romy act in the one from 1958...wow!
    here is a bigger version http://www.kinowelt.de/dvd/maedchen_in_uniform
    thats a still of actress herta thiele from the film "mädchen in uniform" from 1931..takes place in 1910 ,where a girl in an Prussian boarding school falls in love with her(female) teacher..it is hard to get the 1931 one -videos are exisiting and be sold a on english sites at high prices..a few months ago finally it was released as a dvd officially for the german market as far as i know not for the english market (not sure if there is a english subtitle to it)
    this orginalversion from 1931 is rare and rarely seen on TV( i have never seen it) the common/bestknown version is the remake from 1958 starring famous+ one of a kind talent romy schneider ( you should see romy perform in this, and also inany of the french movies she did later) the 1958 one i have seen a thousand times + is regarded a lesbian classic
    he's a keeper. :cool: did he run off then?!

    ps. what is your actualy name? i bet it is a good one. i am cheyenne (like shy anne but not.) :p
    I really like half of it and am neutral towards the other half. I'm just happy it's better than Ringleader, haha. do you enjoy it?! yes, staying away from here usually doesn't last long. :p
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