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  • no i havent seen it but heard of it;)

    next week im going to see drool !
    an african american lesbian, a white closet housewife(the darkhaired woman from mulholland drive) and a dead husband-charming!

    oh maybe you have heard of "the d word" (d=dyke)
    its an parody of the l word



    and "eyes wide open"a film about 2 jewish orthodox men falling in love with each other, set in jerusalem
    it is food class, we do nothing but bake and and take notes about it. :p it's very dull, though, except for the eating part. i stay out of the way and do the dishes, haha. how stereotypical.

    so you do the sort of science job they show on tv where you mix liquids together to see which one explodes like a volcano?! do you have friends at your job? homo blood is nice, I have some myself.

    p.s. so you have a labcoat?! hawt.
    same, same. I have had a headache all day but we made coffee cake and drank tea in one of my classes. morning made. :cool: it's almost weekend for you! what do you do at your job?
    I would like that very much but don't know how to plan anything! this month has been shiteous so far so it only seems logical to extend it to the birthday, haha. /emo

    and yes, it's going to be a great date. you will be won over in no time!
    MLE why not put my actual name on 5am's wall?! BAN YOU! banbanbanbanban. Shows how dead this place is that I only just noticed... ;-0
    p.s. as for birthday plans, it's 5 days away and I have absolutely no idea what to do! my gift from family is going to New York for a weekend in March but there's nothing to do for my actual birthday. typical. :p
    I am glad we are both above v day. I got at least five "in a relationship" notifications on fb yesterday. :p
    and what?! I am already making elaborate plans for our first date. :cool: exploding plastic yard decorations are involved.

    and I am sorry to hear about Mary J. Blige! I had a TLC song stuck in my head all yesterday, hahaha. I was the unpublicized fourth member.
    Hi! Listened to that song the other day, twas good. Sure it's on some sort of album/compilation but can't rememember now - Margaret will know, I only specialise in meaningless Morrissey trivia she knows the important stuff. How are you? Any more exotic holidays planned? Laterz x
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