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Wednesday September 01, 10

Well, it's only bricks and mortar

06:59 PM

Not even that. It's a beach house on stilts...and it's in danger of being blown away tomorrow night. We've all been evacuated on my little island. My car is packed. I literally had to go through my stuff and pick out what I wanted to keep - just in case there's nothing left after Hurricane Earl passes through. Other than important papers everything else is basically...you guessed it: James Dean and Morrissey. I left out my Morrissey vinyl collection for in the morning. Wouldn't won't those to melt. I also have some really old, original James Dean albums, too. They'll get shoved in last - along with Alex, Oliver's ashes and myself.

Thing is - you know it'll all be alright. We'll come back Friday and find everything in place.

Damn Hurricanes.

Thursday August 19, 10

I'm in love with this band...

06:37 PM

The Like

Whishing He Was Dead

He's Not A Boy

Tuesday August 03, 10


04:51 PM


There was a senator from Ecuador
Who talked about a meteor
That crashed on a hill in the South of Peru
And was found by a conquistador
Who took it to the Emperor
And he passed it on to a Turkish Guru...

Thursday July 29, 10

Every Word Means No

07:39 PM

Straight from my home town. This band was big in my house in the early 80's...


Tuesday July 27, 10

Starting the day with a laugh

04:43 AM

Elvis once said about his fans, "Hell, I don't care if they tear the shirt off my back. They're the ones who put it there to begin with". That of course made me think of Morrissey. I think he feels the same way - to a certain degree. I tried imagining Morrissey saying that exact thing with Elvis' southern draw, though, and I have to say it made me laugh deliriously. Last year in Raleigh NC, he said, while introducing himself, he said in his best southern accent, " I...I just sweep up"! :p

Wednesday June 23, 10

The Devil You Know...

07:26 PM


"Live for the day we throw caution to the wind
All we need is the courage to begin
I might get hurt but never be scared again
At once to feel the pleasure and the pain..."

One of the best bands to have ever existed (in my opinion, anyway).

Sunday June 20, 10

It will all work out...it will all work out...

07:03 PM

I dropped the job. I couldn't handle it any longer. It was killing me. I vow to never, ever, work in an environment where I feel that uncomfortable again. EVER. I'd rather die.

Despite the fact that I have to find another job, things seem to look better for the future. As I have stated before, I'm working on getting back into the arts (painting, drawing, theatre) and I should be back on track by August. I hope to find a job in an artistic field as well.

It will happen.

This was something that had to be done. I don't regret it.

Tuesday April 20, 10

"We don't wanna kill you - honest we don't!"

10:50 AM

This makes me laugh even though it's meant to be tragic. I think he was stuck in a Trask/Stark kind of tornado. Although I do love it when he says "Get out of the way"...very convincing!


"This is a gun, man, take a look at it!! I'm a BIG man!"

Saturday April 10, 10

I know where I belong...

10:46 PM


It isn't his birthday, but the video is touching. I'm really happy that Morrissey collects his personal items. At least I know they're safe and in good hands...

Thursday February 25, 10

Last Night I Dreamt...

07:50 AM

I rarely ever dream about Morrissey - and when I do, he's usually singing. But last night I dreamt that I was in his kitchen and we were sitting at an island table in the middle of the room. I was just about to take a bite from the slice of pie that was before me when Morrissey, who had just taken a rather loud crunch from a crisp, poked me in the arm and said, "You...need to step it up a notch". I looked up at him and saw a serious look in his eye, but a very silly grin on his face. I just remember feeling very embarrassed because I didn't know what he was talking about, but understood that I lacked something in my life.

I woke up immediatley - with that same feeling! It was very real to me. I can even recall what he was wearing: Jeans, socks, and a black sweater with a white button down underneath. His kitchen was really nice, too. It had a very Italiano look to it. But anyway, I've got to figure out what it means. I know I lack (spice) in my life, but I'm working on it! Honest!

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