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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AOuHXQeEvvc I thought he'd age wisely use his ill-acquired fortune in a philanthropic way come to his senses and realize it was a gift (like life), not his, but he didn't, just kept trolling around the clock,just became more 'tarded and selfish with every tick tock... So I think Tony was right. And his best mate was intensely depressing too. A match made in self centered tarded heaven. So...from Tony and me...Be VERY happy. U.N.E.C.O.L.O.G.I.C.A.L.L.E.E.C.H.

Journal of favour (20114)

Friday November 12, 10


11:58 PM

"Reader meet author" is far from being "an awful song", in my humble and non-specialist opinion. I quite like the music, especially the guitar bit or whatever it's technically called (is dat what dey call a bridge? I shall ask my dentist.)

Clearly some people have never had "an awful song" written about them.

Spoiled brats. I could make them listen to stuff that's so bad it would make them call "MUMMYYYY!", burst into tears, wonder what the hell they've done to deserve that and stop eating their crisps.

Shudup Nick, or I'll send you a mixtape. :-) Mmmmwaaah-ha.

Thursday November 11, 10


12:15 PM

so I'm "rumoured to be working with BB" now? I rilly rilly don't tink so:

A) I sing a lot better than that
B) I don't write nondescript lyrics
C) I'd pick Alain anyway.

Glad that's that cleared up then.
You can all unimaginatively (phew, what a mouthful, to type!) keep nicking my pseudos.

-If it was a coincidence, as it's likely to be,we'll never know, it's a rather unflattering one. Of course, if your pseudo is, say, "Southpaw" you can walk proud, they're not bad, but me? :-(

If your pseudo is "noise is the best revenge", you know what you have to do. Oh look, a lake; and some stones :-)


Sunday November 07, 10


11:23 AM

Well to be honest, I didn't think anything; maybe I didn't give a toss, or maybe I was distracted...Like, by that video of "Inadequate in Stavropol".
Got me thinking though, after seeing tough men kicking a naked "Inadequate" when he's on the ground, (whatever that means; "inadequate"? Maybe. Could be a false friend) about what humans are prone to do when they see someone they can easily dominate, beat up, kill, and still get away with it because, it's only fair isn't it? He's asking for it.

Mike Joyce running around naked, coked up, showing you his willy and provoking you, making fun of your boss even, as you and a bunch of rockabilly mates are coming out of the pub... And noone there to film or say anything...Just you and your mates...A pint too many maybe...

Would you?

(I'm just having a Levi-Strauss moment.)

...Well, would you?

btw, Hope Mr Collins is ok. Scary tour schedule, then again, I worry too much.Nobody would endanger someone who's just recovering, would they? That'd be like kicking a man who's already on the ground.

(yeah yeah, loves music, loves touring, knows what he's doing, blah blah.)(and after all, I am not in the band; and even if I were: why care indeed?)("did you really think...")

Hmm...No.Have to say... You're right. I didn't.


naive enthusiasts

07:41 AM


Yes; the individual voice probably matters; but one has to find friends in high places, or better still, become tycoons themselves, since the person who owes them a few million quid is pretending they don't exist and refusing to pay up.

Something's telling me my individual voice will be heard, and others won't someday anyway.

Seniors are in their vaults. Some day people will notice a funny smell, but it will be too late to share.

But it's far from being too late for me, so I don't care. I for one will make sure I die in peace.

Friday November 05, 10

"and I shouldn't have to explain why..."

01:23 PM

"Oh but you can, I've looked at 50 pages of handsome straight single guys,and I'm bored stiff now.
I'm in the appropriate state of mind for gay explanations. Hurry !

Clint O'Rhys."

-mmm no wait, no, sorry too late (I have a message from a bloke with a labrador.)

especially for you, Kassell.

09:58 AM


and all those who care enough to proudly add their names. ("Wow, you signed that, how incredibly RISKY 'n BRAVE of you!!!")

Wednesday November 03, 10

I want to share this with you girls...And Stephen...

11:36 AM

I was just reading an article about grizzly mamas ("save the bears!") that a friend posted on facebook...Many girls I know left pissed off/ ironic comments...Myself I barely raised an eyebrow...Same old shit , y'know...

I'm all for babies, don't get me wrong, but Celine Dion is likely to have triplets before a blind bloke asks me out. Today I found out why:

I put this add on a dating site; I'm not a paying member so I check it every couple of months when they have a free membership week end... Anyway: so today I checked the in-box, and I had this email:

"Allow me, miss, even if your ad is interesting, really, you will only succeed in one thing: scaring men. Have a nice day. Louis."

(I hasten to say there isn't a picture of me on my profile. Normal or dressed as Ann Widdy in "strictly come dancing with your amazing bear, Anton".)

Louis is 42, and besides courteously advising me that I wasn't going anywhere with that ad, sent me his picture. Probably thought I needed it as with that email I had found my Lord and Master...

Of course I immediately posted his email on my facebook page, because I know all my single female friends are going to have a field day commenting...-I love to entertain. :-)

Hope you liked that, female reader.And Stephen.

PS: my ad was just like me, in case you're wondering. (The site guidelines said "be honest"; so I was :-) )


...I guess it's more days of watching Joseph Gordon Levitt for me then... Oooooh, tooooo bad. :-)

edit: as predicted, my new status is a triumph: just posted it, already two "likes": one from a single female an one from a single gay guy (ie, not Stephen.) THUMB UP LOUIS!

the Italian Paradox

04:08 AM

How can the same country give birth to Silvio Berlusconi and Giuseppe de Nittis? And why do you constantly hear about one, and never the other?
Would people have told us about Giuseppe's paintings before if he had liked young belly dancers more?

Questions, questions, and, questions.


12:41 AM

Yes, but, is it better to be gay than to like not so beautiful girls?

Anyone want to comment on that?

Stephen, maybe?

Life is a series of deep existential debates.
Obviously I never thought I'd think so much one day, or I would have prepared myself.

Tuesday November 02, 10

sad to say...

02:32 PM

but in "Happy Go Lucky", I'd probably be Scott.

Xcept I couldn't even drive.

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