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Tuesday April 19, 05

observations of the day

09:06 PM

First thought: Ever notice how the people who read and love poetry, write poetically? Are they drawn to poetry because they are natural poets themselves? Or do they become skillful writers after reading the works of others?

Here is a question for anyone who shall stumble upon this journal entry. How obvious is it, that I have read very little poetry in my lifetime?

Another thought: Why can't there be more hours in the day to learn? There are so many things I want to know. I want to read all the philosophies, theories, and medical facts that exist. I want my brain to be a sponge filled with knowledge.

Is knowledge intrinsically valuable? Is there a purpose to my drive to learn? I crave information like a junkie craves drugs.

But, I will die one day. And all this information stored in my gray matter will become dust in the wind.

Is that all we are -- dust in the wind?

If I could be anyone in history, I would be Bertrand Russell. He is my hero. He was brilliant -- one of the world's greatest philosophers, intellectuals, logicians, mathematicians, social thinkers etc..

Final thought: I guess I am just not a poet. I am a theorist. Would you believe that I had a personalized liscence plate on my car, for many years, that read: THEORY? 'Tis true.

I wonder how many poets wish that they could think theoretically? Not too many, I'd venture to say. Let's face it -- there are romantic dreamers and there are unromantic pragmatists. Which one are you?

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  • i dont believe i am sensible or that i have my head up in the clouds.
    I never wrote particulary well before i began reading poetry, only after i finished reading "The picture of Dorian Grey" did i start to read more and pay attention to things. What wonders that book taught me! But i must admit---i lost a lot of friends after reading poetry--apparently i saw things too clearly and i was a bore to talk to----in actual fact they had no idea of what i spoke about...........and i felt no need to associate with them---quite shallow really but there better than me and i do listen to morrisssey the most wonderful poet on earth!

    Sorry i cant remember the question i was answering from you entry........
    I loved reading it...........

    I would chose Oscar Wilde or Cyrano De Burgerac if i had the choice.

    prudence never paid -- Wednesday April 20 2005, @03:05AM (#158775)
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    "The youth of the present day are quite monstrous. They have absolutly no respect for dyed hair." - Oscar Wilde
    • Re:Not at all by realitybites (Score:1) Wednesday April 20 2005, @09:52AM

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