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Monday April 18, 05

Informed choice

03:05 PM

Our choices should be made based on education. But, some people would rather remain in the dark. That way they can stay in denial of what their choices really entail. Two of the biggest perpetrators of this are meat eaters and pro-choice advocates. Ask the members of these groups if they have ever seen the inside of a slaughterhouse or ever seen an abortion performed, and the majority would have to admit that they have not.

Eating meat is a choice. It should be made after understanding everything that this decision encompasses and all its consequences. Several years ago, I read the book "Fast Food Nation." I was appalled by what I read. It sent me on a quest to learn all I could about the meat packing industry. I read dozens of books and watched PETA's "Meet Your Meat" video. All of it was very upsetting to take in. But guess what? I still eat meat. It doesn't mean that I am 100% OK with my decision. But, it is at least one that I made based on information -- not denial and ignorance.

I feel the same way about abortion. Many women undergo this medical procedure without understanding exactly what is involved. Perhaps it would be inhumane to force a pregnant woman to watch a video showing an actual abortion. But, what if young men and women were to see a video in their early teens -- before they or their partners 'became' pregnant? That way, the choice to have an abortion, would be made based on education and information rather than denial.

When I was a sophmore in college, my 'Values and Choice' professor showed our class "Eclipse of Reason." It is a graphic video which shows an actual late-term abortion being performed.(The Pro-Life Movement calls this a partial-birth abortion.) It remains the most upsetting thing I have ever seen. I felt angry and violated after watching it. I wanted to punish my professor. What right did she have to use her classroom, as a platform for her political views? I felt cheated -- where was the emotionally charged video for the opposite side -- the pro-choice group?

When I voiced my objection, she told me I was welcome to share a video that showed the opposite viewpoint. But there was no video for that. And we already knew the facts about back alley abortion mills, teen pregnancy, and unwanted children -- anyway. What we never knew, until that day, was what an actual abortion looked like.

After seeing this video, I literally had nightmares for several weeks. But guess what? As a direct result of being educated, I've never had an abortion and I never will -- mainly because I made damn sure not to get pregnant. Though as we all know, no method of birth control is 100% effective. Although I believe that I could never have an abortion, I feel strongly that it needs to remain a legal choice. But, I also feel that if more persons were educated, the percentage of unwanted pregnancies would be reduced. Abortion would no longer seem like a simple, attractive option. It would be seen for what it really is -- a painful choice for all involved.

The truth can be very painful. But I believe in 'informed' choice. Claiming to be pro-choice, without having all the facts, is pathetic and a cop-out! If one is going to be a meat eater or an advocate of abortion rights, then at least have the guts to understand what these choices are about.


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  • Why do you assume abortion is a "painful decision for all concerned"?
    I think the majority of people recognise these days, that an unwanted pregnancy is just an inconvenience that can easily be remedied.
    There's no need for any deep soul searching if one doesn't consider a bunch of cells, that have invaded the body like an infection, are anything other than a malignancy that should be cut out.
    When our bodies are infected by a virus, or diseased in some way, there is no moral compunction about killing these living organisms that threaten our welfare or way of life, so why is having this unwanted growth removed any different?
    I think the pro-life lobbyists are interfering busy bodies trying to inflict their principles on others who have a right to choose for themselves whether or not they want to risk their lives by allowing an organism to grow inside them until it becomes life threatening, for as we know, many women have died in childbirth.
    How do these people feel about birth control?
    Do they mourn the spermatoza that are ejaculated from the body into a rubber sheath and then flushed away?
    We know that these people are the same Bible Bashing bigots who would prefer homosexuality to still be illegal, and who manipulate the words in the Bible to serve their own agendas.
    Noone has any "right" to be against abortion per se, they only have the right to decide against abortion themselves.
    Anonymous -- Monday April 18 2005, @05:09PM (#158545)
    • Re:Why must abortion be a "painful decision"? by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday April 18 2005, @05:12PM
    • Re:Why must abortion be a "painful decision"? by Anonymous (Score:1) Monday April 18 2005, @10:51PM
      • I am pro-choice as well. I know my journal entry would have you believe otherwise. I in no way condone the propaganda and scare tactics of the pro-life movement. I think they are coming from an extremely biased platform. "The Eclipse Of Reason" is one of the tools they use to as an emotional weapon. They go about educating the public in the wrong way. Most of them look like religious zealots, that could care less about the real women and men who have to make these painful choices.

        I agree that calling a fetus a 'virus' and a 'cancer' that needs to be removed, seems harsh. But this voice that speaks so coldly, may in fact be in great pain.

        I am in no way judging anyone, who has chosen to have an abortion. I don't see her/him as an immoral individual. I think this is a global and social challenge -- one that will not be fixed by religious and/or emotionally charged arguments. I think education and technology will offer answers and solutions in the future.

        Many years ago, before I had seen the video in college. I was in the room with a friend who had an abortion at 11 weeks of pregnancy. She was a young Irish girl who married an American for papers. They did not live together but remained in contact. Well they got together on her birthday to celebrate. Both had a little too much to drink. They ended up having sex without protection. It was the first time she had been with him in many months. It only took that one time -- and she became pregnant. She had no one else to drive her to the clinic. I held her hand during the procedure. Tears streamed down her eyes. And she made a few painful moans at several points. I felt horrible that her 'husband' was not there and that she was having to go through this alone -- I felt powerless. All I could do was try to be as supportive as possible. She was a victim. But she also made some bad choices.

        I know of another young woman who has had three abortions. She was careless and uneducated at the times she got pregnant. She did not realize that one could ovulate again during one's mentrual cycle. She finally figured it out after the third unplanned pregnancy. She now has a couple of happy and healthy children. But, she tells me that she still has feelings of terrible regret and loss. She was a victim. But she also made some bad choices.
        realitybites -- Monday April 18 2005, @11:31PM (#158580)
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      • Re:Why must abortion be a "painful decision"? by Anonymous (Score:1) Tuesday April 19 2005, @03:13PM

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