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Saturday April 16, 05


11:44 AM

I'm not a poet
If I were,
I'd write you a beautiful verse.

I would use pretty words
And flowery prose,
To create a picture for you.

You would be able to understand
That I feel passion,
And rage -- all at once.

I'd say these things
And I wouldn't fumble,
Or bite my words.

You would soon learn
That you inspire me,
You challenge me.

But I am not a poet
So I must say it,
In simple terms.

I feel SOMETHING inside
Not sure if this is good,
Or if this is bad.

I thank you for helping me
To reach beyond,
And dream again.

I'm sure we met
For some reason,
My treasured friend.

I hope you get everything
That you desire,
In this short life.

Think of me once in a while,
On your new journey,
And I'll keep you in mind.

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  • i wish i could write....its my dream

    You can write-----is it yours?

    Wonderful to read

    prudence never paid -- Sunday April 17 2005, @03:14AM (#158301)
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    "The youth of the present day are quite monstrous. They have absolutly no respect for dyed hair." - Oscar Wilde
    • Re:poet by realitybites (Score:1) Sunday April 17 2005, @09:40AM
      • Re:poet by prudence never paid (Score:1) Sunday April 24 2005, @05:36PM

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