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Saturday January 22, 05


03:52 PM

LMAO! All the IPs are visible in the general discussion forum. I am glad that people can see that I do not troll the forum. I have only posted as realitybites and now as Bertrand Russell. I stopped posting as realitybites because I could not post with the password I was using for some reason. So I created the Bertrand Profile.

I was surprised to see how many different names some people post under -- holy cow! One thing that was nice to see was that there are many of us who only post with one name.

Cheers to those who are authentic!

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  • props to those of us who keep it real on the discussion board! it is indeed a thing of curiosity to see who is what.
    suzanne -- Saturday January 22 2005, @04:56PM (#148077)
    (User #36 Info)
    I scare dead people.
    • Re:hear hear! by realitybites (Score:1) Saturday January 22 2005, @05:57PM
  • is sad. i'm glad you are in the clear realitybites.
    Anonymous -- Sunday January 23 2005, @01:48AM (#148108)
  • LMFAO! I see you're journal is now only attracting the likes of "suzanne", who posts on everyones journal so they'll post on hers, and an anon poster....
    You really are yesterdays papers arbie, i wouldn't even bother anymore.
    Anonymous -- Sunday January 23 2005, @06:40PM (#148170)

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