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Friday December 17, 04

Drama Mama

08:34 AM

How do you know if you are a Drama Queen? Do you thrive on watching soaps like Coronation Street or The Days of Our Lives? Do you spend countless hours insulting others on message boards? Or do you draw attention to yourself by playing the victim, complaining that you are being trolled -- non-stop? Do you make grand entrances and exits?

Take this Drama Queen Quiz and see how you rank.

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  • ... doing a very bad Johnny Carson impersonation! I'll explain later. ;) )

    Well, apparently, I am not a drama queen! LOL
    Oh well.
    Well, guess what? I'm going to Dublin! Yes, it's true! I can't quite believe it myself. I haven't had time to respond to any other entry yet -- I'm getting ready for my trip -- but I've read them all. They're great! :) They're varied, interesting, and thought-provoking. One of the best I've seen, and I'm serious. I really want to respond to one of your entries (suspense builds), and I'll try to tonight. Are you going to Dublin?
    p.s. I like the poem below -- a spoof? It's hilarious!
    swedo78 <[email protected]> -- Friday December 17 2004, @04:31PM (#143625)
    (User #11761 Info)
    She said, "Eh, I know you, and you cannot sing," and I said, "that's nothing, you should hear me play piano..."
  • If you happened to have me in mind, or were even indirectly referring to me, when you made this entry, then I think it's unfortunate that you seem to have such a myopic view of what takes place on the discussion board.

    As for "playing the victim", I think if ever anyone takes it upon themselves to launch a tireless campaign against you which culminates in them convincing some of the more gullible site users that you are a paedophile, maybe you would feel slightly victimised too.

    Also, thanks largely to the tireless efforts of one coward, it appears to be open season, as far as making snide remarks about me is concerned as more & more brave souls clamber out of the woodwork to stick the boot in.

    As I've said on numerous occasions, I only pespond to provocation & do not instigate the unpleasantness on the board, but people should be aware, I will give no quarter & show no mercy if someone attempts to embarrass or humiliate me & does so with hostile or malicious intent.

    Even though this is just a pop star's fan site, what is posted on here is in the public domain & I will not allow myself to be misrepresented.

    Having said that, none of this affects me in my day to day life & I rarely give a thought to what has taken place on here, as it's of very little concern to me once I switch my computer off.
    freeyourself -- Monday December 20 2004, @07:03AM (#144113)
    (User #12001 Info)

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