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I left the North, I travelled South.... Hello! lou, 30, living in North London with the luscious Rallen, but originally from the North West. A girl with a thorn in my side, my main loves are good food, fine wine, BDSM and cats. Semi-retired from Moz-solo, I check in occasionally to check the journals of good friends. Not drowning anymore...
Wednesday May 12, 04


11:55 AM

I'm completely fucking sick of this, why do I always end up being the mother?

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  • Aaaa-ha...

    *is taking notes*

    basically its because of your large breasts.
    pillow -- Wednesday May 12 2004, @12:53PM (#102022)
    (User #5286 Info)
  • ...I just can't make my mind up as to whether you're referring to some kind of role-playing sex act or whether you're simply being metaphorical. In either case, as was pointed out by pillow, it is because of your amply sized... oh dear, now I'm in another quandary: is it "bosom" or "bosoms". I'm sure "bosom" is the grammatically correct term, but somehow it just sound right. Anyway, basically, you have massive knockers, so it's only natural to rallen to view you as a mother figure. Anyone would.
    Mr_Biffo -- Thursday May 13 2004, @08:59AM (#102232)
    (User #2843 Info)
    "Lies are no comfort when there are tears in your eyes"
  • You always end up the mother because that's how you set yourself up in these relationships, being the caretaker of men that while attractive, artsy, and mysterious are also lazy and codependent.

    Stop going for these kinds of guys, Lou. Find a partner that's got his shite together at least as much as you do in all aspects including work ethic, generosity of spirit, ability to wipe his own arse, etc...

    Harry Balsac -- Thursday May 13 2004, @08:42AM (#102228)
    (User #10429 Info)
    Fuck the whole lot of you...
    • Re:well.. by pillow (Score:1) Monday May 17 2004, @10:10AM
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