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My Life With Morrissey… Well, I’m a twenty-something fun loving heterosexual crazy chick who luvs the 80’s, mingling, laughing, partying, cocktails, clove cigarettes, music and of course MORRISSEY!!! I have adored the man since I was 14. My first Smiths CD was the Queen Is Dead, I’ve had my heart broken to Viva Hate and life was a party through Bona Drag! I guess I found myself during the Kill Uncle years (KU is soo special to me, why doesn’t that album get the respect it deserves?) Anyway, my life from Your Arsenal through Vauxhall and I is a total blur. I love the Smiths and Moz-solo. I listen to Moz everyday because it makes me, oh so very happy. Current picks are Hatful of Hallow, My Early Burglary Years, Maladjusted and bootlegs galore! I also love all sorts of other music (80’s Mod, British Oi, ska, Spanish and English [American] rock ) going to concerts, social gatherings, traveling, meeting new & interesting people. Turn ons: Smith’s ballads *sigh*, great conversation, charm, intellect, modesty, morals, and a sense of humor. Turn offs: Arrogance, ignorance, lies, posers, cheapo's, guys who can’t dance and who have poor taste in shoes *giggles* "And if I seem a little strange, well, that's because I am."
Monday August 18, 03

He knows I'd love to see him...(PART ONE)

04:02 PM

I been thinking about him quite a bit lately.
Wondering if I’d been all forgotten about, and if he’s finally found the happiness he so longed for. Well, my curiosity got the best of me this past Saturday.

That day I felt like a million dollars and looked like two!!! I mean, it was just one of those good days, when your wearing your best bra, a single hair isn’t out of place, and your make up is perfect!!!

Well, I had some business to take care of this weekend, which so happened to be at …well….His place of business. Hee-hee : )

It felt as if time had stopped the second I walked in the door. I was assisted by a rep who was at the next station over from his… I was listening in to the conversation HE was having with his client. The boy could barely speak. He was a bundle of nerves!! Well, I then finish my business with this idiot associate of his who didn’t know what the hell he was talking about. After we finished up I noticed that HE was now available. So I swallowed my pride and asked him for help (since HE was familiar with my situation). Our conversation –polite; eye contact – piercing: A very intense few minutes. He had maintained composure and a professional attitude the entire time, but as I made my exit I could feel him staring at me, so I look over my shoulder and give him a wink and a sexy smile. Works like a charm – He was beaming like a smitten school boy.

I had my mother with me, as soon as she sat in the car she rolls her eyes and tells me (in Spanish - always adding her two cents worth) “ Now that he’s seen you , I wouldn’t be surprised if he started popping up again – so expect phone calls.” I brushed it off and though nothing of it. I was on top of the world by the possibility that he might still have a thing for me!!! It’s been almost two months since we last met, I truly truly thought that he had forgotten all about me and that I was just a thing of the past!!

Later that evening, I sat and stared at the phone… I wanted to talk with him some more and I wanted to tease him about how awkward the whole thing was – I mean, the whole thing was a bit ridiculous – I laugh at how we act like we don’t even know each – after thirteen years, I’m sure we know each other better than we know ourselves.

So I said screw it and called. He said “Thanks for returning my call” Huh? I didn’t know what he was talking about. He said that after I left, he tried to get in touch with me through a relative of mine… I never got the message. How odd I thought it was, that we both wanted to speak with one another. He asked to see me later that evening – I agreed to it.

To be cont.

Please stay tuned for part two

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