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My Life With Morrissey… Well, I’m a twenty-something fun loving heterosexual crazy chick who luvs the 80’s, mingling, laughing, partying, cocktails, clove cigarettes, music and of course MORRISSEY!!! I have adored the man since I was 14. My first Smiths CD was the Queen Is Dead, I’ve had my heart broken to Viva Hate and life was a party through Bona Drag! I guess I found myself during the Kill Uncle years (KU is soo special to me, why doesn’t that album get the respect it deserves?) Anyway, my life from Your Arsenal through Vauxhall and I is a total blur. I love the Smiths and Moz-solo. I listen to Moz everyday because it makes me, oh so very happy. Current picks are Hatful of Hallow, My Early Burglary Years, Maladjusted and bootlegs galore! I also love all sorts of other music (80’s Mod, British Oi, ska, Spanish and English [American] rock ) going to concerts, social gatherings, traveling, meeting new & interesting people. Turn ons: Smith’s ballads *sigh*, great conversation, charm, intellect, modesty, morals, and a sense of humor. Turn offs: Arrogance, ignorance, lies, posers, cheapo's, guys who can’t dance and who have poor taste in shoes *giggles* "And if I seem a little strange, well, that's because I am."
Monday July 14, 03


01:04 PM

My roomie, Miss Gaz arrived from her Twin Cities getaway.
Our reunion was lovely – it seemed as if she’d been gone months. I couldn’t wait to catch up with her, so we hooked up and swapped our vacation stories over a nice little continental breakfast.

From there, she, I and our sisters headed to the local spa for a buff and polish.
I had little sunflowers decorated on my toenails. They look really cute.
We went to the galleria thereafter- Hey, I didn’t know JC Penny’s going out of business?? We spent most of the day trying on hats and trinkets at the mall…I love accessories!! I swear I really wish I had a thousand bucks to blow on costume jewelry!! Faux gems and jewels are so luxurious to me!!

Saturday evening, Lady Gaz and I took a drive to Redlands to check out the Royal Falconer, a cool pub we’ve been wanting to go to for sometime. Cool place, cool people, we played the clash, and some cure on the juke box, had a nice pint of Bass…yummy! Just as I was having the time of my life hanging out, I remembered that I promised a few friends from work that I would meet up with them at this salsa club over the hill. I don’t know why I did that.


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  • Ohhhh I can see it now..
    Sonora Dinamita playing in the back round
    and you with a rum and coke in hand
    jajaja...thats a kodak momoment ;)
    Well when you find time from you busy busy about you give me a call
    SiSi! =)
    morricey98 -- Monday July 14 2003, @03:38PM (#68722)
    (User #5680 Info)

    1. My Dear Morricey98,

      That night was a disaster, see what happens when you run off for the weekend. My nights under the mirrored ball just aren't the same without the Smoking Patio Social Butterfly (you)!!

      So, pick up the phone - it's me!! (oh, now we're communicating mozzie style, eh?)

      PS - No Sonora Dinamita either, they played that crazy Spanish/African jungle music ALL NIGHT LONG!! It was a Disco INFERNO!!! ha

      Kisses Lovie,
    Lady Morrissey <[email protected]> -- Monday July 14 2003, @06:59PM (#68739)
    (User #7237 Info)
    "And if I seem a little strange, well, that's because I am."

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