posted by davidt on Monday October 29 2001, @10:00AM
GabrielGervais writes:

Inrock finally denied (Oct. 24) that Morrissey signed a long term contract with Rhino saying he was only there for the Best of...

In the same page, they talk about the new Neil Finn album and mention the Smiths cover "There is a Light (that never goes out)". Yes, not only Warner can make an error in a Smiths song title.
posted by davidt on Monday October 29 2001, @10:00AM
Mike D. writes:

From August 2001's Sight & Sound film magazine (so I'm a bit behind in my reading!), in the contributor's listings in the front, for contributor Armond White (film critic/scholar), I believe he still writes regularly for a New York City paper. "Knee Deep in Great Experiences," the author's "analysis of pop singer Morrissey" should "be published in the US this Autumn." That's all I know for now...
posted by davidt on Monday October 29 2001, @10:00AM
Mark writes:

Channel Four here in the UK have an interview with Johnny Marr on their Teletext service. On the Warners Best Of: "I'm aghast at the contempt they've shown to us and the fans" (he says he had been thinking about putting together a DVD with unseen Smiths footage). On Morrissey:

Q: Morrissey has a new solo album due ...
A: It sounds rude but I'm not really interested. If someone played it to me, I wouldn't go: "turn that off". But, going from Morrissey's albums to date, I can't see how I'd like it. Sorry.
posted by davidt on Monday October 29 2001, @10:00AM
Joshua writes:

I just got back from watching "Donnie Darko," a horror movie set in 1988. They included a lot of 80's music (no Morrissey or Smiths, though), but there's a scene where you can see some graffiti on the back of a school bus. It reads 'Morrissey Rules.' Just thought I'd share that.
posted by davidt on Monday October 29 2001, @10:00AM
palandi writes:

Last friday (October 26th) Belle & Sebastian, who played The Smiths' covers several times, did a gig in São Paulo, and the band leader, vocalist Stuart Murdoch, was wearing a Smiths t-shirt the whole time. It was a shirt with the "Hatful of Hollow" cover. Unfortunately, the band didn't play any Smiths/Morrissey songs.
posted by davidt on Monday October 29 2001, @10:00AM
George writes:

This might be ill-advised following the Neil Finn thread but Edward the Bear has recently, and unrelatedly, covered There Is A Light That Never Goes Out at a label showcase. It certainly has a garage-feel to it but it's got an amount of charm and class. The old 12-string guitar got a workout as did the analog synthesizer. Video is available at Don't mind all the shadows either, the lighting was dire (otherwise known as 'creative').
posted by davidt on Monday October 29 2001, @10:00AM
Chris writes: has launched (Oct. 29, 6am PST). On the site is Moz's first solo gig, in full in Mp3 format for download. I also have 2 polls set up, along with a contest and of course other info as well.

I wil be changing mp3s every 2 weeks, so get them quick.
posted by davidt on Monday October 29 2001, @10:00AM
Wange writes:

A tribute to Moz/Smiths will occur in Karlstad/Sweden 2001-11-16. This is a chance to meet other people who share the same taste in music. The event will be held at a place called "Chili" and the entrance fee is 40 Skr. Beverages will be served at a low price. Happy hour will start at 22.00 and the event will sadly come to its end at 02.00!

Unfortunately you must be over 19 years to enter Chili.

for more info please visit or
posted by davidt on Monday October 29 2001, @10:00AM
An anonymous person writes:

This Thursday (11/1/01) Club Foot in Chicago (Wicker Park/Bucktown area) will be hosting a Smiths and Morrissey Night starting at 9pm. See you there!
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